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Plywood Manufacturing Equipment
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Plywood Manufacturing Equipment

  • Qingdao, China
  • 1000sets/Year
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Plywood Manufacturing Equipment

Friends, for save your precious time, please tell me your conditions and requires, i will offer you the suitable plywood machine details for your reference.                                                                                                                   
Our factory produce the whole sets Plywood Machinery, include spindle veneer rotary line,wood debarker,veneer stacker, plywood hot press machine, plywood cold press machine, glue spreader, plywood veneer paving line, plywood edge cutting saw, sanding machine and others.

Our company integrates design, research and development, production and sales, and works closely with China's advanced scientific research institutions. We have a strong research and development team, at present, our machinery has won a number of national patents.

Pay more attention to machine details, details determine sucess or failure, so we continuous improve and optimize machines’ performance, strictly control each production step, using advanced lathe processing machine, and through many times inspections, make sure our machine accurate and durable.

plywood machine line


plywood machine line


4ft wood debarker,4ft veneer peeler,4ft veneer stacker,1700mm knift grinder machine

8ft wood debarker,8ft veneer peeler,8ft veneer stacker,3200mm knife grinder machine 

The veneer peeling machine, it is necessary for producing wood veneer, and wood veneer is the material for making plywood. So veneer quality also affect plywood quality. Therefore, veneer peeling lathe is very important too.

Our wood veneer peeling machine using double driving structure, make veneer surface smooth; the bottom is one solid and whole steel plate, make sure veneer machine is very strong and stable; the screw pitch of feed screw is very small, this make sure veneer thickness very accurate; the total power is very big for easy peel kinds of hardwood like birch beech.

We have confidence that can offer you very good quality veneer peeling machine.

Scientific and technological innovation oriented, quality-based, service supremacy, we offer full complete range of plywood production solution and technology support for our customers. Yet our machines have been exported more than 30 countries and regions like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, etc, and get good feedback.


4ft glue spreader,8ft glue spreader,roller dryer\mesh dryer machine\press dryer machine veneer dryer machine,400tons\500tons\600tons\800tons\1200tons cold press machine, 10layers\15layers\20layers\ 25layers\30layers hot press machine,plywood veneer paving line,core veneer composer, plywood dd saw machine,plywood sanding machine,etc.

For example, the hot press machine, it is one necessary press machine for making plywood, our hot press machine use International standard steel plate, strong and thick; the hot platen use 42mm or 52mm, be processed by large lathe, make the surface is smooth, with sufficient strength and stiffness. It does not deform at high temperatures, and the temperature and heat are uniform. This makes the plywood heated evenly, the surface is flat, and the thermal efficiency is high, which improves the production efficiency; The oil cylinder is treated with anti-rust, alloy casting, high hardness, scratch resistance, suitable for high-strength operations, and uses a good oil seal to prevent leakage, ensure the pressure in the oil cylinder, and good performance; Hydraulic station is one important part for press machine, Our hydraulic station be designed by our engineer, reasonable design of hydraulic system, save energy, all hydraulic components are arranged reasonably, neatly and beautifully placed, and the components like electromagnetic valve, hydraulic pump all use good one.

All these details make sure our plywood hot press heavy duty and very good quality, make sure pressing plywood very nice.

<1> How long of your machine warranty?
      2 years for main parts.
<2> The production time?
       1 month.
<3> Payment terms:
      T/T. 30% deposit, 70% before delivery.
<4> Will you help me solve when i meet problem about machine?
       We will at the fist time reply you and help you solve.
<5> Will you engineer come to install machine?
       Yes, when machine soon reach your factory, our engineer will go to your factory.


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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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