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  • Q What % of Humidity of Wood Veneer After Drying?

    A About ±10%, is suitable for making plywood.
  • Q How Long the Average Cycle Time of Press Machine?

    A The time not fixed, the cold press, can be half an hour, also can be one hour.
    The hot press, 10-20mins one cycle, if thickness is thick, it need longer time.
  • Q How Much Pressure Do I Need for Laminating Melamine?

    A Laminating melamine or face veneer on plywood, 800t pressure is good and enough, and 10layers is popular.
  • Q My Wood is Hardwood, Can Your Veneer Peeling Machine Working Well?

    A YES, for processing hardwood, our veneer machine’s structure will be double driving, the total power will be big enough to offer powerful energy, the total weight of machine will be heavy, ensure veneer machine is very stable when working, all aspects will upgrade for easy peel hardwood, and produce good quality wood veneer.
  • Q How Long of Your Machine Warranty?

    A 2 years for main parts.
  • Q Do You Responsible for Installation?

    A YES, when machine soon reach your factory, our engineer will go to your factory install machine and teach your worker how to operate and maintain machine.
  • Q how many years experience for venner plywood machine?

    A Our factory establish 1998,by more than 20 years development,now factory scale is becoming biger and stronger,we harvest rich export experience and producton updating,more and more foreigner are famillar with us,but get their ackowlegment .
  • Q if I want to build furniture plywood factory,what I first know?

    A Firstly you should know your output,how much investment,mostly of important,your market situation,we supply complete plywood machinery,veneer machine,professional service team,select us ,choose success.
  • Q how many kinds of plywood ,how to classify usually?

    A Usually,according to using,film faced plywood,furniture plywood,marine plywood,packing wood,floor plywood etc.
  • Q in some factory,some use plywood assemble line,some pave plywood manually.

    A If use plywood assemble line ,it says customer not have strict quality demand,for example packing plywood,construction plywood,in contrast,it has high class quality demand.
  • Q why some press machine,it has 1 layers,10 layers,15 layers,20 layers,what difference?

    A It is up to how to do plywood,its function,character,for example,1 layer is main for laminating melamine paper on the MDF partical board and face veneer.generally,you should know what step you should do,then select layers.
MINGHUNG core veneer dryer.jpg
Advantages of veneer dryer ?
08-13 2022

What is a veneer dryer?MINGHUNG Roller veneer dryer for drying original wood veneer, remove abundant humidity, in the end, the wood veneer humidity will be 5%-10%, so it is suitable for making plywood.Veneer roller dryer are suitable for big drying capacity per day, it can be different length, width

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08-05 2020

Shandong Minghung Wood Machinery Factory Shandong minghung wood machine factory produces plywood machinery in linyi city city, china, dedicated to providing high-quality and suitable machines veneer machine,plywood machine,veneer splicing machine.veneer dryer machine,veneer peeling machine,plywood v

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plywood production line.jpg
plywood hot pressing process
05-27 2023

Whatsapp: +8618769900191 +8615589105786 +8615805493072Email: minghungmachinery@gmail.comWebsite: www.plywoodmachineline.com

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hot plate for hot press machine.jpg
Plywood Hot Press Machine Hot plate performance
05-27 2023

Hot plate performanceThe performance of the hot press plate can be evaluated from several aspects, firstly, the use of the press plate material, then the processing precision, and finally the layout of the medium channels in the hot press plate. The hot-pressed plate is generally made of a whole pie

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MINGHUNG Plywood production line.jpg
What is the Plywood and How to produce Plywood?
05-27 2023

What is the Plywood and How to produce Plywood?1. The basic concept of plywoodPlywood - Cut logs into veneers or slice them into veneers, then use glue as an adhesive to lay the veneer into three or more layers, depending on the thickness of the plywood required.2. Advantages of plywood(1) Save wood

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Plywood press machine deliver.jpg
China Plywood Press Machine Deliver
05-20 2023

China Plywood Press Machine DeliverOn 20th May, 2023, we loaded two sets Hot press machine and one set Cold press machine for our Vietnam client, for making plywood board. Plywood hot press is a common woodworking machine equipment, mainly used for hot pressing multilayer boards or other materials t

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Plywood Cold Bonding Line for Plywood Production.jpg
Plywood Cold Bonding Line for Plywood Production
04-29 2023

Plywood Cold Bonding Line for Plywood ProductionPlywood cold bonding line, is the necessary step for making plywood board. With glue machine /glue spreader for coating glue on veneer surface, then workers using these glued veneer to form the sandwish plywood panel according to the required plywood s

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High speed line peeler lathe.jpg
220V Veneer Production Machine for Angola
05-13 2023

220V Veneer Production Machine for Angola 4feet Spindleless veneer production machine for Angola client, ready loading. It is the whole veneer peeling line, which includes Debarker machine, Spindless rotary peeler, Solid log conveyor, and Automatic papel stacker. The whole peeling line can help yo

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spindles veneer peeling.png
Spindle Rotary Veneer Peeling Lathe for Processing Big Diameter Wood
04-22 2023

Spindle Rotary Veneer Peeling Lathe for Processing Big Diameter Wood>>> What is the Spindle veneer peeling lathe /machine?Spindle veneer peeling machine rotary peel wood through clamp two sides of wood and rotary peeling it. The wood diameter can be very big like 1000mm, 1300mm, so if your wood diam

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Film faced plywood hot press machine.png
How to Produce Film Faced Plywood? -BY Film Faced Hot Press Machine
04-15 2023

How to Produce Film Faced Plywood? -By Film Faced Hot Press MachineHow to produce film faced plywood? What is the film lamination hot press machine? this article will give you the answer.What is the film faced plywood? Laminating film /Melamine /face veneer on plywood surface, become the end product

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