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Why drying veneer burst?

Why drying veneer burst?Drying quality and cost should be the main criteria for choosing a drying method. Veneer drying bursts are caused by poor operation and poor drying equipment during veneer drying. Most veneer drying defects are closely related to drying speed. The veneer drying too fast is ma

2022 11-12
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Which veneer need drying

Veneer dryer is the main equipment for veneer drying: MINGHUNG veneer dryer specializes in producing various types of veneer dryers, mainly for poplar veneer drying, pine veneer drying, beech veneer drying, birch veneer drying , Eucalyptus veneer drying, contact us for more details about veneer drye

2022 11-11
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veneer drying machine

Veneer drying Veneer dryerVeneer dryer is an important equipment in veneer production. The veneer after drying of veneer has smooth surface, high flatness and uniform moisture content of veneer. The main types of veneer drying are: roller veneer drying, mesh bag veneer drying, wire veneer drying, st

2022 11-07
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veneer drying

veneer drying veneer drying veneer dryer 1. Veneer drying Before starting each shift and after stopping, check the leakage point of the oil circuit, check whether the operation of the motor and the pump valve is normal, and check whether the oil level is normal.2. When starting production, start the

2022 10-22
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plywood production machine

Hi we are China factory which produce the whole production line of plywood machine. near China New Year, only left about one month, this will be the biggest festival for Chinese, so what will it happened? Some clients may worry that if now i order machines, if can deliver before your holiday?All peo

2021 01-09
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How to calculate the output of veneer drying?

MINGHUNG veneer drying Productivity: Q=T•K1•K2•m•S•B•u (m3/shift)In the formula: T - working hours of each class (minutes) K1——Working time utilization coefficient K1=0.9~0.95K2——the feed filling coefficient of the dryer, horizontal continuous feeding K2=0.9~0.95,K2=0.8~0.85 when feeding discon

2022 10-18
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Why do veneer drying?

e significance of veneer drying?The moisture content of the veneer after peeling is very high, usually %60-%70. If the veneer is directly glued without drying, and then the veneer is hot pressed, when the veneer is glued, it is easy to produce due to too much moisture. Glue infiltration makes the gl

2022 10-10
Veneer Drying Machine -Stainless Mesh Dryer for Drying Wood Veneer Humidity

Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, Our product Mesh veneer dryer also be called wire dryer, for drying original wood veneer, remove abundant humidity, in the end, the wood veneer humidity will be 5%-10%, so it is suitable for making plywood. Veneer mesh dryer are suitable for thin wood veneer, and its wire can be stainless steel wire or galvanized wire, and can drying big capacity per day, it can be different length, width and floors. For example, some our clients choose width 4500mm or 4000mm, length 20meters, and four floors, and this wire dryer can drying 40m3 per day.

2022 09-03
Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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