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Why drying veneer burst?
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Why drying veneer burst?

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Why drying veneer burst?

Why drying veneer burst

Drying quality and cost should be the main criteria for choosing a drying method. Veneer drying bursts are caused by poor operation and poor drying equipment during veneer drying. Most veneer drying defects are closely related to drying speed. The veneer drying too fast is mainly caused by the drying temperature is too high, the humidity is too low or the wind speed is too high. For tree species that are difficult to dry and easy to crack, the vertical knife device is installed on both sides of the rotary cutter during veneer peeling, which can eliminate the tiny gaps on both sides of the rotary veneer, and has a good anti-crack effect. 

Rotary cutting machine vertical knifeThis tiny gap is also one of the reasons for veneer drying cracking, including surface cracking and internal cracking of veneer drying; about 98% of the internal cracking of veneer is caused by the deepening of surface cracking. 10% faster drying, 10% more kiln drying capacity and 10% energy savings, the same data for other hard-to-dry logs. Steam cooking of logs also has a good anti-cracking effect. Veneer peeling the wood before the wood is cooked or kept in humidity can increase the wood utilization rate by about 8%.

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The veneer peeling should be done immediately after the logs are shipped from the production site to the veneer peeling plant, because the high moisture content makes the veneer less prone to cracking on both sides during veneer peeling. This is only possible if veneer peeling is carried out immediately; if the log has been exposed to the sun in the summer and the moisture is lost too quickly and the log is already cracked, it will only get half the effect. Because the loss of logs is serious, the cost of veneer drying depends on many factors, which are closely related to the equipment and process, and are also closely related to the management of veneer drying. It is worth noting that, on the issue of veneer drying, more emphasis should be placed on drying quality, and drying costs cannot be reduced at the expense of drying quality. .

Veneer drying, quality is very important, cost is also very important, high-cost veneer drying will make veneer manufacturers overwhelmed. Therefore, if the cost is low and the quality of the wood to be dried is good, it is necessary to have good veneer drying equipment. The veneer dryer designed by MINGHUNG solves the problem of high veneer drying cost and makes full use of it. heat energy conversion.

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