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veneer drying
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veneer drying

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veneer drying 

veneer drying veneer dryer 

wire dryerveneer dryingveneer drying MINGHUNGroller veneer drying machine

1. Veneer drying Before starting each shift and after stopping, check the leakage point of the oil circuit, check whether the operation of the motor and the pump valve is normal, and check whether the oil level is normal.

2. When starting production, start the machine to heat up first, and connect the veneer dryer to steam to preheat to the specified temperature.

3. Before entering the board, the garbage on the board must be removed.

4. Quickly insert the veneers one by one from the stack between the driving rollers of the automatic veneer feeding system, 2-4 veneers per batch. Each veneer will be layered by an automatic feeder into the dryer.

5. Check the running speed of the dryer to ensure that the veneer is dried within the drying time.

6. According to the moisture content and thickness of the plate, adjust the pressure and temperature of the hot plate to the specified value (the unit pressure is 0~1kg/cm2, and the temperature is 110~150℃).

7. After the veneer drying process is completed, the veneer is subjected to cold drying in the cold air area. The veneer will reduce the temperature to cool, and then enter the discharge area of the machine.

8. Check the dryness and appearance quality of the dried veneer, and the qualified products will be stacked in the qualified area.

9. The boards that do not meet the dryness should be returned to the dryer for drying. If the number of boards with different dryness in a batch is large, the parameters of the dryer should be adjusted.

10. The boards with other quality problems will be sent to the designated location for processing.

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