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Siemens Motor For Veneer Peeling Machine press machine hydraulic station
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Siemens Motor For Veneer Peeling Machine press machine hydraulic station


Siemens Motor For Veneer Peeling Machine press machine hydraulic station for minghung machine


1. 1LE0 series motors can be equipped with PTC thermistor protection or PT100 temperature sensor for alarm and trip.

■ If the motor is operated with variable frequency power supply, it is necessary to install a PTC thermistor!

The insulated motor has insulation suitable for use under humid tropical conditions. The insulation system includes: high-strength enameled wire and insulating sheet materials, and solvent-free impregnated resin. The system can achieve high mechanical and electrical strength, good reliability and long motor life.

After adopting such an insulation system, the motor is suitable for use in inverter power supply mode. Without any restrictions, the rated voltage can reach 460V+10%, and the voltage rise time ts>0.1s.

■Motor connection

  In addition to the restrictions on the machinery connected to the power supply, in the case of inverter drive, you must also pay attention to the allowable wire section of the inverter.

■Mechanical stress, grease life

If the operating speed is higher than the rated speed, the resulting vibration will increase, the mechanical balance will change, and the bearing will be under greater mechanical stress. Grease life and bearing life will be shortened (please consult if necessary)

2. Siemens motor parameters (1LE0+ series) structure design: rotatable 4×900 installation

Motor shape: Shallow end cover design / cast iron junction box for all series

Degree of protection: The standard configuration of the motor is IP55

Insulation performance: Class F insulation system / Class B assessment (80K)

Rated voltage: 220V/380V, 380V/660V can also support different voltages

Power frequency: 380V voltage, 50HZ; 440V voltage, 60HZ

Overload multiple: 1LGO+ series can carry 1.5 times the rated current

Installation method: B3/B5/B35/B6/B7/B8 V1/V3/V5/V6/V15/V36

Certification system: IEC CCC CE

Rated power: 0.55kW to 315kW

Three, options

1) When ordering, the order number of the motor should be accompanied by "-Z" and the option number should be attached;

2) Motors with rain cover cannot choose this option;

3) The second shaft extension on the non-driving end is the same as the shaft diameter of the driving end;

4) It is not applicable to motors with frame sizes of 180, 200, 225 and 280.

The standard flange of the motor is a full circle flange;

5) For the size of the threaded hole, refer to the DB size in the "Dimensions" section;

6) Cannot be used together with option number L05;

7) Only applicable to motors installed horizontally. For motors with IM B5 and IM B14 installation structures, when selecting this option, you must ensure that the junction box is on the top of the base. For motors with other installation structures, please consult Siemens;

8) Without fan and windshield, the length of the motor will be reduced by Δl. If you need to output according to the power value on the nameplate, the motor needs external cooling. Customers should adopt the correct cooling method, no or wrong cooling method will reduce the service life of the motor, and even damage the motor.

Siemens motors have a wide range of applications, and photoelectric encoders can be installed according to equipment needs. Common encoder specifications are as follows:


[Siemens Motor Service Commitment Letter]

The after-sales service commitment is as follows:

1. The warranty period of our company's products is: 12 months from the start of operation and 18 months from the date of delivery.

2. During the quality guarantee period, if the motor fails due to manufacturing quality, our company is responsible for free maintenance services.

3. If the manufacturing quality problems are found within three months after leaving the factory, our company is responsible for free replacement.

4. After receiving the complaint information, the company will contact the user within 24 hours and put forward handling opinions.

5. For quality issues that urgently need to be dealt with on-site, after the user gets in touch with our after-sales service personnel, our company's after-sales service personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours in Shanghai and 72 hours outside Shanghai.

6. For on-site services that are not caused by the company's manufacturing quality problems, our company will charge users for technical service fees based on actual travel and other expenses.

7. For motor damage caused by quality problems not manufactured by our company, or motor damage outside the warranty period, our company provides paid maintenance services.

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