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Plywood Cold Press Machine with Auto Loader&Unloader
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Plywood Cold Press Machine with Auto Loader&Unloader

the glued plywood sheets are loaded first into cold press machine, its max opening is 1800mm, pressure can be 400t 500t 600t, then enter into hot press machine, hot press machine pressure can be 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t or bigger, and it can be 10daylights, 12daylights, 15daylights, 20daylights, 25daylights. the press machine squeezes plywood together under a pressure, while at the same time heating them to a temperature of about 109.9-150 C. The pressure assures good contact between the layers of veneer, and the heat causes the glue to cure properly for maximum strength. After a period of 10 minutes, the press is opened and the sheets are unloaded. Through this step, plywood become strong and good shape.
  • MH-CP
  • Qingdao, China
  • 600sets/Year
  • L/C, T/T

Plywood Cold Press Machine with Auto Loader&unloader

Our product Cold press machine for pre-pressing plywood, so it first makes glued plywood fixed, thus can easy put plywood into hot press machine.

Usually, cold press machine’s pressure can be 400ton, 500ton and 600ton, for standard plywood size 4*8feet, 500ton cold press are good and enough.

For 500ton plywood cold press machine, we use thick material for making frame; using two good main oil cylinders, and with fast lifting cylinders; with Siemens brand motors and parts; with mature hydraulic station and system; Therefore, our cold press machine are strong and good quality.

The operation of plywood cold press also very easy, just put plywood into machine, and press the button, cold press will be start work.

Welcome contact us for more information about cold press machine.

600ton cold press MINGHUNG COLD PRESS

Hydraulic Plywood Cold Press Machine

for pre-pressing plywood, then offer to hot press machine.

Plywood Cold Press's structure not complex, mainly consist of: the machine frame,hydraulic station, cylinder.

hydraulic cold press machine can be different pressure, like 400t, 500t, 600t


Pressure 400t /500t /600t
Cylinder diameter Φ320*2pcs /Φ360*2pcs /Φ260*6pcs
Power 18.5kw
Application For pressing plywood, melamine plywood, furniture plywood...
Max opening 1800mm
Size 3600*1370*4000mm

>>>Main Parts:

plywood cold press oil cylinderhydraulic station for press machineCold press infeeding conveyor

The oil cylinder is treated with anti-rust, alloy casting, high hardness, scratch resistance, suitable for high-strength operations, and uses a good oil seal to prevent leakage, ensure the pressure in the oil cylinder, and good performance

Hydraulic Station:
Hydraulic station is one important part for press machine, Our hydraulic station be designed by our engineer, reasonable design of hydraulic system, save energy, all hydraulic components are arranged reasonably, neatly and beautifully placed, and the components like electromagnetic valve, hydraulic pump all use good one.

Frame of Cold Press:
Using International standard steel plate, big rigidity and high strength.

China plywood machine factoryWith our clients, we not just partners, we are friends.
we will stand your position think about problem, help you choose the suitable plywood machine, help you save cost and create much value.
Before order machine, welcome come to visit our factory.

>>>Our factory:
Plywood Cold Press Machine with Auto Loader&Unloader

Our main products include wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker, veneer dryer machine, plywood cold press machine, plywood hot press machine, glue spreader, glue mixing machine, automatic plywood veneer paving line, plywood saw machine, sanding machine.

Scientific and technological innovation oriented, quality-based, service supremacy, we offer full complete range of plywood production solution and technology support for our customers. Yet our machines have been exported more than 30 countries and regions like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, etc, and get good feedback.

With high efficiency sales team offer 24 hours online service, the professional technical team and after-sales service team offer plant layout, machine drawings, and after-sales service.
Choose us, you need not worry anything, we will help you arrange all.

plywood machine loadingChina plywood MACHIENRY_副本
1> When loading, we will share the loading pictures of plywood press machine with you.
2> When ship leave, we will offer the container and ship information for you.
3> Offer all documents which for your custom clearance.

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Production Time:
1 month after receive your deposit.
Payment Terms:
30% deposit, 70% before delivery.
100% Letter of Credit.
2 years for main parts.
1 set
When machine reach your factory, our engineer can go to install
After-sales service:
Any problem that your worker can not solve, tell us, we will reply you at the first time,

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