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Lower Pressure Pump For Plywood Hot Press Machine
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Lower Pressure Pump For Plywood Hot Press Machine


Lower Pressure Pump for plywood machine hydraulic station


The working principle of single-acting vane pump and double-acting vane pump

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1. Working principle of single-acting vane pump

The pump is composed of rotor 1, stator 2, vanes 3, oil distribution plate and end cover. The inner surface of the stator is a cylindrical hole. There is an eccentricity between the rotor and the stator. The blades can slide flexibly in the slots of the rotor. Under the action of the centrifugal force when the rotor rotates and the pressure oil at the root of the blade, the top of the blade is tightly attached to the inner surface of the stator, so two adjacent blades, the oil distribution plate, the stator and the rotor Formed a sealed working cavity. When the rotor rotates counterclockwise, the blades on the right side of the figure extend outward, and the volume of the sealed working chamber gradually increases, creating a vacuum, so oil is sucked in through the oil suction port 6 and the upper window of the oil distribution plate 5. And on the left side of the picture. The blades are retracted inward, the volume of the sealed cavity is gradually reduced, and the oil in the sealed cavity is pressed out through another window of the oil distribution plate and the oil pressure port 1 and output to the system. This kind of pump sucks and pressurizes oil once during the process of one revolution of the rotor, so it is called single-acting pump. The rotor is subjected to radial hydraulic unbalanced force, so it is also called unbalanced pump, and its bearing load is relatively large. The displacement of the pump can be changed by changing the eccentricity between the stator and the rotor, so this type of pump is a variable pump.

2. Working principle of double-acting vane pump

Its working principle is similar to that of a single-acting vane pump. The difference is that the stator surface is composed of eight parts of two long radius arcs, two short radius arcs and four transition curves, and the stator and rotor are concentric. . In the case where the rotor rotates clockwise in the figure, the volume of the sealed working chamber gradually increases at the upper left and lower right corners, which is the oil suction area, and gradually decreases at the lower left and upper right corners, which is the oil pressure area; oil suction area There is a section of oil seal area between the oil pressure area and separate them. The rotor of this pump rotates once, each sealed working chamber completes oil suction and oil pressure twice, so it is called a double-acting vane pump. The two suction zones and two pressure zones of the pump are radially symmetrical, and the hydraulic pressure acting on the rotor is radially balanced, so it is also called a balanced vane pump.

The instantaneous flow of the double-acting vane pump is pulsating, and the pulsation rate is small when the number of vanes is a multiple of 4. For this reason, the number of blades of a double-acting vane pump is generally 12 or 16.

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