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Film Lamination Hot Press Machine for Melamine Film Faced Plywood Production
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Film Lamination Hot Press Machine for Melamine Film Faced Plywood Production

What is lamination hot press machine? It's function for making film faced plywood board, melamine plywood. Through laminating film on plywood surface and press it. 
  • MH-HP


  • 846599

  • Qingdao, China

  • 600sets/Year

  • L/C, T/T

  • Engineer always be there when you need help

  • Semi-automatic

  • 1 years

  • Surface lamination hot press

  • Film faced plywood production

Film Lamination Hot Press Machine for Melamine Film Faced Plywood Production

hot press machine auto infeeder

Semi auto infeeder

automatic infeeder for film faced plywood hot press machine

Semi automatic feeder

film faced plywodo hot press machine

Surface lamination hot press machine

filmed faced hot pressing machine

Film lamination hot press

What is the lamination hot press machine? And what is the function of lamination hot press machine?

For the lamination hot press machine, it is one important and necessary machine for making film faced plywood, face plywood, and melamine plywood. 

For laminating the film on plywood surface, usually we advise directly choose the hot press machine pressure be 800ton, because after many years production experience and our clients feedback, 800ton will make the film plywood quality better. And it is suitable for laminating film, face veneer, melamine by one same lamination hot press machine. 

In general, the lamination hot press will works together with its semi-automatic feeder, The function of this feeder for convey film plywood into feeder each layers, and feeder will convey all film plywood into hot press machine. 

Consider the working way of semi automatic feeder, so its layers and hot press machine layers at most 10 decks, or you can choose less decks. 

Semi-Auto Infeeder for Film Faced Heat Press

Surface lamination hot press machine

Architectural film plywoodSemi-Auto Infeeder for Film Hot Press Machine

Hot press for film faced plywood

Semi-Auto Infeeder

Laminating hot press with semi automatic infeeder

flim faced plywood automatic infeeder

Lamination hot press with semi-auto feeder

Workers put the film and plywood on the semi-auto feeder platform, and it will automatic convey the film plywood into each layers of feeder, when hot press machine finsih work and worker take the laminated plywood out, then the semi automatic feeder will convey film plywood into hot press machine, save working times and improve work efficiency.

stainless steel plate

Stainless steel plate

Crash pad for hot press

Crash pad

For film lamination hot press, the stainless steel plate and crash pad are required, each hot plates will need two pieces stainless steel plate and two pieces crash pad. 

honeycomb stainless steel plate

Honeycomb shape stainless steel plate

anti-slip plywood making

millet shape stainless steel plate

non-slip plywood from MINGHUNG Machine

Anti slip plywood

Anti slip plywood board

Anti slip plywood board

If you want to produce anti-slip plywood, then the stainless steel plate required will be as the pictures, their surface with pattern, so in the end your plywood surface will be such pattern too.

MINGHUNG Plywood production line

We are China professional manufacturer of Woodworking machinery for making paper forest products like plywood board, veneers, wooden furniture. 

The machines we can offer to you: Veneer peeling lines, Veneer drying lines, Glue machine, Core composing machine, Plywood assembly line, Cold press machine, Hot press machine, Plywood edge trimming saw line, Plywood sanding and calibrating machine, Plywood overturn machine, Veneer patcher, Lift table and so on

With many years production experience, experienced workers and professional engineers and technicians, and the principle to insist use good materials and spare parts, we are confident that we can offer the suitable, good and strong machine for you

Welcome contact us for more information

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