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Hot melt adhesive Glue Granule For Core Veneer Composer
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Hot melt adhesive Glue Granule For Core Veneer Composer


Glue Granule for core veneer composer 



Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plastic adhesive product. The physical state of hot melt adhesive changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, but the chemical characteristics remain unchanged. The hot melt adhesive is non-toxic and tasteless, and belongs to environmentally friendly glue products. Hot melt adhesive pellets can be used in packaging in all walks of life.

So how to choose hot melt adhesive pellets?

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1. The color requirements of glue should be different. If the adherend itself has no special requirements on the color, yellow hot melt adhesive is recommended. Generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive is more viscous than white. It is treated by the appearance of the object. The surface treatment of the hot melt adhesive is not as strict as other adhesives, but the dust and oil on the surface of the adhered object should also be properly treated? Only the hot melt adhesive particles can better perform the bonding effect.

2. Operating time. Fast operation is a major feature of hot melt adhesives. The working time of hot melt adhesive is generally about 15 seconds. With the wide application of modern production methods-assembly lines, the working time of hot melt adhesives is getting shorter and shorter, such as book binding and speaker manufacturing. It takes about 5 seconds.

3. Resistance to temperature. Hot melt adhesives are sensitive to temperature. The temperature reaches a certain level? The hot melt adhesive begins to soften. Below a certain temperature, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the selection of hot melt adhesive must fully consider the temperature change of the product environment.

Hot-melt adhesive pellets are melted by heat using a hot-melt glue machine, and the melted glue becomes a liquid. The hot-melt glue tube and hot-melt glue gun of the hot-melt glue machine are sent to the surface of the object to be adhered. After the hot-melt glue cools, the adhesion is completed.

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