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Chinese Plywood Mesh Wire Roller Veneer Drying Machine Line
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Chinese Plywood Mesh Wire Roller Veneer Drying Machine Line

Veneer drying line are necessary machine for drying and removing original veneer moisture, and make veneer humidity are suitable to make plywood, furniture and other products. 
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  • MH-RD40L


  • 841939

  • Qingdao port

  • 100M3/per day

  • T/T or L/C

  • Our engineers will reply quickly when you have any problems of machine

  • full automatic

  • 1 years

  • Veneer drying lines

  • Veneer drying

Chinese Plywood Mesh Wire Roller Veneer Drying Machine Line

Veneer Drying Line

Veneer drying line

mesh veneer dryer

Veneer drying

MINGHUNG veneer mesh dryer

Veneer roller dryer

veneer sheets drying

Veneer wire dryer

4 decks veneer dryer

4 decks veneer mesh dryer

Veneer dryer machine made in china

4 decks veneer wire dryer

veneer roller drying machine

Veneer roller dryer

drying equipment

Veneer dryer machine

Drying wood veneer, remove abundant moisture, reach your requires.

Remove excessive moisture and prepares it for adhesive application and product fabrication

The purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture content of the stock to a predetermined percentage, and to produce flat and pliable veneer

Moisture content is one of the most important factors that can affect many physical and mechanical properties of wood and veneers. It strongly affects the final strength and durability of joints, development of surface checks in the wood and dimensional stability of the bonded assembly.

The hot air temperature is an important factor affecting the drying speed of the veneer for the veneer dryer. As the temperature increases, the evaporation rate of the surface of the veneer increases, and the speed of moisture movement inside the veneer also accelerates accordingly. Usually, the veneer dryer uses a high temperature of 100-200 ° C to dry the veneer to accelerate the evaporation of water. Under the action of high temperature, as the water inside the veneer evaporates, there is a large amount of water vapor inside the wood veneer roller dryer. The relative humidity of the circulating air is large. When the water vapor is saturated, the veneer can no longer evaporate water to the hot air. The vent hole should be opened to reduce the relative humidity of the air (the relative humidity of the air is too high to reduce the drying speed. If the relative humidity of the air is too small, the heat will be lost. Generally, the relative humidity of the air in the roller veneer dryer is 10-20%).

The veneer drying line, quite commonly is roller dryer, wire dryer, and press dryer. Different clients will choose different types according to their needs.

Today i am gonna introduce the roller dryer for you. For the veneer roller dryer, its convey way is through many rollers to convey veneers. According to the required drying capacity, veneers thickness and humidity and wood specis, the roller dryer can be different sections, width and floors. Today i am introduce the roller dryer with drying capacity 100m3 per day. which 4 floors, width 4000mm. Very big and high efficiency

Name veneer roller dryer
Drying capacity 100m3/per day
Dryer width 4000mm
Dryer floors 4
Sections 12+2 (28m)
Motor 170kw
Size 40*7*4.3m
Weight 100ton

Veneer roller dryer details
radiator of veneer dryer machine

Radiator for dryer

roller dryer

Good rollers for Roller dryer

veneer dryer fan

Fan for drying machine

veneer dryer door

Good door for veneer dryer

For our veneer roller dryer, it is really high quality, we are confident to say all of our dryer parts are good and better. One set big roller dryer consists of many kinds of spare parts and components to make it, and each kind of good parts, with professional and experienced production technique, it will make sure the dryer working good, save heating energy and high drying effect. 

Packaging & Shipping of Veneer drying
minghung veneer dryer machine delivery

Veneer dryer loading

air channel of drying machine

Roller dryer loading

drying machine delivery

veneer drying machine loading

veneer dryer loading

Dryer machine loading

Consider the veneer dryer are very big, We are keep responsible for our clients, so before loading, our engineers will first set up veneer dryer and test its working conditions, until we confirm the dryer is indeed very good. So we disassmbly and packing it, and loading your drying machine.

Our Clients
MINGHUNG clients

MINGHUNG plywood machine

With many our clients, except be partener relationship, we also be very good friends. Because they trust us that we can offer good woodworking machine and service to them, help them create much value and benefits. 
China Veneer drying line Manufacturer -MINGHUNG MACHINE

China plywood machinery

Plywood production line

лесная техника

China pywood machine

We are China MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY, our factory manufacture and support the complete plywood production line, which includes Veneer peeling line, Veneer drying line, Veneer core composing line, Plywood press machine, Plywood sizing trimming machine, Plywood sanding line, Oil boiler and oil boiler. 

Until now, our factory specialize in producing plywood machine has been 23 years. And we keep to improve ourselves and our machines every year, for offer the better and better plywood machinery for our clients. Therefore, our machines have exported to all over the world, and have got many good feedback from different countries clients. 

We insist offer suitable, good and strong plywood veneer machine for each our clients, so if you have demands of plywood machine and peeling machine, welcome contact us, you will be surprised and satisfied.

Another type veneer dryer
Square Tube Veneer Drying Machine

Hollow type veneer press dryer

This is the most cheapest dryer during all types dryer machine. Its drying plate is hollow type, 


Q:Production time

A: 2 months


A: 13 months

Q:Payment terms

A: T/T or L/C

Q: Installation

A: Our engineers will help your worker to set up the dryer

Contact us:

Mark: +8618769900191

Ali: +8615805496117

Lucinda: +8615805493072

Email: minghungmachinery@gmail.com

Welcome contact us for more information about plywood machinery and veneer lathe.

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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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