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spindle less peeling lathe machine veneer machine
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spindle less peeling lathe machine veneer machine

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Spindle less Veneer Peeling Machine With CE for Peel Hard Wood

veneer peeling line 

Veneer peeling machine/veneer lathe machine is one machine for processing wood into wood veneer, it usually in veneer factory, plywood factory, and some wooden furniture factory, because wood veneer is the material for making plywood and wooden furniture. its structure is a little complex, but when you understand its principle, it will be easier for you.

 4ft veneer peeler machine8ft veneer peeler machine

Veneer peeling machine/lathe can be different size, can be 4feet, max log length 1300mm, max diameter 550mm, max speed 80m/min, thickness range 0.5-4.0mm; veneer machine also can be 8feet, max log length 2600mm, max diameter 600mm, max speed 48m/min, thickness range 0.3-3.5mm.

Of course, if your log size is others, no problem, we can customize veneer machine for you.

Veneer machine has common type and heavy duty, in general, if your log is softwood like poplar, then one common type veneer peeling machine is enough, if your log is hardwood like birch beech acacia wood, then one heavy duty and strong veneer peeling machine will be a good choice.


Many my clients ask if our veneer peeling machine can peel very hard wood, like beech, birch, eucalyptus...? they are all very hard wood, i understand my clients worries, because before, they met many suppliers who allege their machine very good, can peel any wood, but in fact is, their veneer machine is very vulnerable when peel hardwood. Veneer machine if strong or not, related with the material, spare parts, motors, machine structure, workers production technology and others.

Now let me show you the details of our veneer peeling machine.


Today i will tell you why our Veneer Peeling Lathe Machine can peel hard wood?


core veneer  face veneer

1. Veneer machine use thick steel and material, the bottom is one whole and solid steel plate, very strong, make sure the veneer peeling machine very stable. Our purchasing manager choose the better one through compare different suppliers material, and the machine frame through big lathe processing and welding, that make sure our veneer peeling machine is heavy duty.



Wood Debarker Machine veneer peeling machine

2. Veneer peeling machine’s power is big, and each roller has two motors driving, ensure offer powerful energy to driving machine processing hardwood, and the feeding motor uses servo motor, it can control the feed screw, and make sure veneer thickness very accurate.


3. Our machine is double driving, this is new designed, it can keep wood veneer surface very smooth.

4. The cnc screen is english version, you can adjust veneer thickness and width as you want, very easy and convenient.



Machine use cross-roller, the left core diameter will be very small only 26mm, this will help you improve wood utilization.


Our factory insist offer the good and suitable veneer peeling machine to every our client, not offer the most expensive one.

Because we know, if we want to develop our market and gain more people acceptance, we have to make our machine very well, and offer good service.


When you peeling wood, if you think your wood is very dry and hard, it is better you can cooling your wood, then peeling use veneer peeling machine, then your wood veneer may be better.


Veneer peeling machines structure mainly consist by: machine body/frame, motors, reducers, knife, rollers, cnc screen, electric box.

accessories veneer peeling machine log conveyor

One good quality wood veneer peeling machine can help you produce good quality wood veneer, and it will be much helpful for your business, whatever you directly sell wood veneer to your clients, or you make plywood.

Our high configuration 4feet/5feet veneer peeling machine can produce wood veneer which thickness is very accurate and balance, and two sides are very smooth, even wood scar place.

And one good veneer lathe machine can save your cost from long term, you will save time to maintain and repair, because it works well, will not often have problems, that makes headache.


And during warranty, except human damage, like motors, reducer, we will freely offer you if has problem.

And after warranty, you also need not worry that if we will attention you, we offer a lifetime of service, so even you have have problem, just tell me, we will try help you.


If you have any demands/interests of veneer peeling machine, dont be hesitate tell me, will offer you specific details and videos.

And if you have demands of other plywood machinery, also welcome contact us.


We have produce wood veneer machine and plywood machine many years, from the small factory at the beginning, to be one of the biggest and professional factory in China, our designers continue to design and improve our veneer peeling machine, everytime is one breakthrough, everytime will make veneer peeling machine more advanced and good working, and our experienced workers responsible for every production step, ensure accuracy, and when veneer peeling machine finish production, our engineer will test machine many times for confirming that the veneer machine in good condition.

Except wood veneer peeling machine, we produce wood debarker, vacuum veneer stacker, veneer dryer machine, glue spreader, plywood cold press machine, plywood hot press machine, plywood saw machine, plywood sanding machine.

Each type plywood machine will be produced according to your needs, we insist offer the good and suitable and favorable plywood machine to you, and help your business develop better and longer.


If you want to start produce wood veneer or plywood, or you want to update your plywood machine, welcome contact me, i will offer you machine details for your reference.


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