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roller veneer drying
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roller veneer drying

Views: 4     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2020-12-26      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

roller veneer drying  veneer drying 

HI all dear friends, today is 25th December, it is Christmas day, so first Merry Christmas.

Recently we get many orders of veneer dryer machine, and most of them are roller type dryer machine, so today i am gonna introduce this type roller dryer for you, thus if you are interested, then it will help you better.

As we know, the dryer machine has different types, it has veneer press dryer, roller dryer, and mesh dryer.

Each of them has different advantages and characters. 

veneer drying MINGHUNGwire veneer drying machine

And roller dryer, it can be different floors like one floor, two floors, three floors, four floors, and it can be different length and width. This will be decided according to your own conditions, like the drying capacity you require, the moisture of wood veneer, the working time and others.

Ve “merdaneli kurutucu”, bir kat, iki kat, üç kat, dört kat gibi farklı katlar olabilir ve farklı uzunluk ve genişlikte olabilir. Buna, ihtiyaç duyduğunuz kurutma kapasitesi, ahşap kaplamanın nemi, çalışma süresi ve diğerleri gibi kendi koşullarınıza göre karar verilecekti 

The purpose of drying is to reduce the moisture content of the stock to a predetermined percentage, and to produce flat and pliable veneer

Moisture content is one of the most important factors that can affect many physical and mechanical properties of wood and veneers. It strongly affects the final strength and durability of joints, development of surface checks in the wood and dimensional stability of the bonded assembly. 

Plywood is a very strong and durable composite panels made from three or more wood veneers bonded together with an adhesive. In order to reduce the shrinkage and improve the strength of plywood, layers are glued together so that the wood grain in each veneer layer is perpendicular to the grain of the previous layer. 

The hot air temperature is an important factor affecting the drying speed of the veneer for the veneer dryer. As the temperature increases, the evaporation rate of the surface of the veneer increases, and the speed of moisture movement inside the veneer also accelerates accordingly. Usually, the veneer dryer uses a high temperature of 100-200℃to dry the veneer to accelerate the evaporation of water. Under the action of high temperature, as the water inside the veneer evaporates, there is a large amount of water vapor inside the wood veneer roller dryer. The relative humidity of the circulating air is large. When the water vapor is saturated, the veneer can no longer evaporate water to the hot air. The vent hole should be opened to reduce the relative humidity of the air (the relative humidity of the air is too high to reduce the drying speed. If the relative humidity of the air is too small, the heat will be lost. Generally, the relative humidity of the air in the roller veneer dryer is 10-20%).

 With many years improvement and development, now our factory can produce very strong, stable and good working conditions plywood machine. We mainly produce the whole plywood production machine.

Look from the outside of the roller dryer, you may see it is similar from different suppliers. But the parts are very different. We don’t care others, we will do ourselves better. The radiator, the rollers, the motors, the dryer frame, we all choose the good one, be processed by professional workers, make sure each part are good, thus the veneer dryer machine will be good quality.

And in factory, you not just spend money buy our roller dryer or other plywood machine, when you order machine from us, you have been our partner and friend, we will support you and offer good and quickly after-sales service always.

The machine will help your business going better, produce good quality wood veneer and plywood, and machine works well, it save your maintain cost and time, this is important too.

 The roller dryer for wood veneer is very popular in Turkey, if your factory has enough space, we can offer the suitable roller dryer for you according to your needs.

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