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pre press machine
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pre press machine

Views: 3     Author: Mark Zhai     Publish Time: 2020-08-17      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

Plywood cold press machine for plywood making

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Cold press has up-cold press which cylinder press from up to bottom, and down-cold press which cylinder press from bottom to up, pressure 500t is popular,

 also can produce according to your conditions.The structure of cold press is very simple, it mainly consist by press machine frame, cylinder, hydraulic station, 

its max opening is 1800mm.The operation of cold press machine also very easy, put plywood into cold press, pressing the start button, 

cold press will automatic closing and pressing plywood.Cold press max opening can be 1800mm, pressure can be 400t 500t 600tCold press ,Hydraulic cold press machine ,

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cold press machine the motor power 11kw, inloaded power 4kw,Electrical components adopt Siemens。

the glued plywood sheets are loaded first into cold press machine, its max opening is 1800mm, pressure can be 400t 500t 600t, then enter into hot press machine,

 After a period of 10 minutes, the press is opened and the sheets areunloaded. Through this step, plywood become strong and good shape.,

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Press Machine-Hydraulic Cold Press for Plywood

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