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Woodworking Machinery
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Woodworking Machinery

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Plywood making machine manufacturer shandong minghung wood machinery co.,ltd

Hello friends,

We are manufacturer of veneer machine and plywood machine since 1998, having mature and advanced technology and abundant experience. We have independent research&develop team, professional sales team, and well-trained after-sales team, until now, our machine have been exported more than 20 countries, and obtains customer’s recognition and praise.

Our product mainly include: wood debarker, veneer peeling machine, veneer dryer, glue mixer, glue spreader machine, core composer, veneer joint machine, plywood veneer paving line, hydraulic cold press machine, hydraulic hot press machine, plywood edge cutting saw, sanding machine, lift table, plywood turnover.

Our machines suitable for manufacturer which produce thin wood veneer, kinds of plywood, film faced plywood, furniture plywood, construction plywood, lvl, etc.

Machine has different types, we usually produce machine according to your own conditions, and if you have special requires and ideas, we also can customize.

For example:

1. Veneer peeling machine

woodworking machineveneer machine8ft veneer peeling machine


has 4feet(max length 1500mm) and 8feet(max length 2700mm); speed divides into common speed and fast speed; machine configuration is different according to your wood material, if your wood is hardwood, we will offer you a higher configuration for producing good quality thin wood veneer.timber manufacturing machine

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veneer cutting machine veneer machine veneer peeling machine

The advantages of our wood veneer peeling machine are: 

(1) veneer thickness very accurate and balance, and two sides of veneer are very smooth.

(2) machine body use very thick and high quality steel, machine is very heavy, make sure machine is very stable when working.

(3) all main parts through accurate processing, make sure machine in a good condition and good quality.

(4) Veneer machine use full closed feed screw, protect damage from outside, keep machine long life span, this is our factory patent, you can use many years.

(5) Veneer slicing machine is easy operate, through the cnc screen, you can adjust width and thickness of veneer you want.

(6) Veneer machine has automatic oil device, can maintain machine parts and save labors.

2. Veneer dryer

veneer dryer machineveneer direr machineveneer dryer machine

 which has veneer press dryer and roller dryer, and veneer press dryer divides into square tube veneer press dryer and hot platen veneer press dryer. If you don’t require big production capacity per day, choose veneer press dryer is good and enough; if you require big capacity, then choose roller dryer is better.veneer dryer machine veneer direr machine veneer drier machine core veneer drier machine veneer press dryer machine roller dryer mesh veneer dryer 

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veneer core is defined as

3. Plywodo cold press machine 

woodworking machinewoodworking machine

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hide plywood edges woodworkinghas up-cold press and download cold press, pressure can be 400t, 500t, 600t, 800t, etc.

4. Hydraulic hot press machine 

15opening hot press machine500ton hot press machine

has different layers, can be 8 layers, 10 layers, 12 layers, 15 layers, 20 layers, 25 layers, etc. Pressure can be 400t, 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t, 1600t, etc.

And if you laminating face veneer, or melamine, we also have suitable hot press machine.plywood for woodworking best plywood for woodworking

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5. Glue spreader glue spreader plywood machine

glue spreader1400mm glue spreader

has 4feet and 8feet, and has common standard and high standard, you can choose according to your real conditions and needs.

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6. Core composer/veneer joint machine and plywood veneer paving line/assemble line 

core veneer composercore veneer jointer machine

are not the necessary machine for producing plywood, but if you plan to enlarge your production capacity,core veneer composer veneer machine veneer joint machine these two machines will help you save labors and improve high efficiency, and at the same time, your plywood will become more good quality.wood buffer machine wood brushing machine wood burner machine

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7. Sanding machine 

plywood sanding machine

has light type and heavy type, has one head, two heads, and three heads, through calibrating and polishing, your plywood will become very beautiful.

Each production step through special workers manufacture, machine will be tested many times before delivery until ensure it is in a good conditions.

We welcome you come to visit our factory and check machine, the moment that you choose us and order from us, we have been your sincere and good partner, we can offer plant planning, machine foundation drawing, machine installation, teach your workers how to operate and maintain, and your workers can come to our factory study.

we insist offer the most suitable machine to you, not the most expensive one, our purpose is service more clients, let them get one good and favorable machine, and help their business develop better and better.

I am here wait for you.



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