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Wire Veneer Drying
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Wire Veneer Drying

Wire veneer drying
Veneer drying
Veneer drying is a very important link in the production process of plywood. The moisture content of veneer is too high, or the moisture content of veneer is uneven, which directly affects the production quality of plywood. Usually, the moisture content of veneer is required to be %8-%14 , the moisture content of the veneer in this interval is the most reasonable for the quality of the plywood veneer, so a veneer dryer is required to complete the veneer drying. The selection of the veneer dryer needs to provide us with several data to ensure that we provide the best solution: 1. What is the thickness of the veneer? 2. What is the throughput for 10 hours? 3. What is the moisture content of the veneer? 4. The name of the tree for the veneer? 5. Is the heating boiler heat transfer oil or steam? Etc., MINGHUNG MH-304HL model dryer, providing energy-saving and efficient veneer drying solutions.
Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying MINGHUNG veneer dryer is a dryer specially developed for traditional dryers with high energy consumption, low drying efficiency, uneven drying of veneers and high mechanical failure rate. This model has high energy consumption and high heat conversion rate. , The drying veneer is flat, the failure rate is low, and the pain point of the traditional dryer is solved. This model has the following advantages:
1. High output at low temperature, ensuring the flexibility and flexibility of the veneer, fast speed and large output. According to the needs of different users and different materials, the output of the equipment can reach 3-4 cubic meters per hour.
2. In order to achieve the flatness of the drum, we optimize the density of the internal machine structure to reduce the pressure, completely solve the problem of the flatness of the veneer, and avoid the problem of reducing the size of the veneer caused by excessive pressure. Smaller shrinkage than all dryers on the market, no loss of veneer,
3. High degree of automation, automatic feeding and labor saving, automatic dehumidification, low cost of consumables, high efficiency and energy saving, low power consumption, the equipment adopts all-aluminum fin heating device, large heat exchange area, fast heating, large circulating air volume, and many cycles. High thermal efficiency, drying equipment saves more than 40% energy. All cooling fins adopt forced circulation system to enhance fluid flow rate, improve heat exchange efficiency, and effectively reduce heat loss. At the same time, the problem of excessive wind resistance caused by high coil density is effectively solved, and the heat transfer process is improved by 1.5 times compared with the traditional dryer.
4. To prevent the phenomenon of returning moisture, the length of the cold air area is longer than that of the traditional dryer, the cooling effect of the veneer is better, and the drying is even. The stripped veneer undergoes multi-stage heat exchange and dehumidification. After drying for about 1.5 hours, the moisture content is low and uniform, which can meet the production needs of veneer and plywood.
5. The whole machine is insulated to prevent heat loss and reduce the impact on the environment.
6. The negative pressure fan design is adopted, which improves the air volume and wind pressure efficiency by 2-3 times compared with the traditional positive pressure fan, effectively solving the problem of low conversion efficiency of the fan motor power large air volume transmission
7. The dryer is forced to dehydrate due to interference. During the dehydration process, the veneer will have problems of poor flatness and finish due to excessive shrinkage. We increase the density and reduce the pressure to effectively solve the problem of the flatness of the veneer, while avoiding excessive pressure. Mass reduction problem.

Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying
Parts for veneer drying
Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Wire Veneer Drying Beech veneer drying
Beech veneer is light yellow, with clear texture and uniform texture. The density of beech is generally about 790kg/m³, and the hardness is about 5800N. The rear beech veneer has a smoother surface. Because it is cooking, the moisture content reaches %50-%60, and the moisture content is relatively high. If the moisture content of the veneer after drying reaches %0-%14, it takes about 10 minutes, so if the output of beech veneer drying is If there are requirements, special optimization of the dryer is required. MINGHUNG MH-RD2830L; MH-RD304HL These two models are veneer drying equipment optimized for beech veneer. For details, please contact us.
Delivery veneer drying:
Wire Veneer DryingWire Veneer DryingWire Veneer DryingWire Veneer Drying

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