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What is Anti slip plywood? and How to produce it?
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What is Anti slip plywood? and How to produce it?


What is Anti slip plywood? and How to produce it?

Anti slip plywood

Anti-slip plywood

Anti-skid plywood

Veneer wood-based panel, also known as decorative veneer wood-based panel. It is made of ordinary wood veneer, color veneer, integrated veneer and reconstituted wood decorative veneer glued on the surface of plywood, medium density fiberboard, joinery board, particleboard and other wood-based boards. It is usually made by gluing, hot pressing, sanding and other processes. It is one of the main varieties of wood-based boards for decoration and decoration, and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, uniform color and consistent texture. Have adornment adornment "face reputation". Mainly used for furniture, cabinet doors, window lines, ground and wall skirt decoration.

Under normal circumstances, the veneer refers to the veneer plywood, is the decorative veneer glue attached to the plywood substrate made of board. It usually consists of decorative sheet and plywood. Decorative board refers to the surface layer material, there are natural wood veneer and recombinant wood veneer, the main tree species for teak, black walnut, hard maple, ash willow, oak, flower pear, striped ebony, red walnut, tree shadow, camphor wood, evergreen, birch, cherry and other dozens of varieties; Plywood substrate according to different uses can be divided into three layers, five layers and more than five layers of structure, there are poplar core board, Liu 'an core board, birch core board, eucalyptus core board and other wood core board, different core board or board core material its quality is different from veneer plywood is one of the factors of quality.

Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, one of the three boards of wood-based board, plywood is made of wood segment spin cut into veneer or wood square planer cut into thin wood, and then glued with adhesive three layers or multiple layers of plate material, usually with odd layers of veneer, and the adjacent layer of veneer fiber direction perpendicular to each other glued together, the plywood to print etching method made of single or double-sided substrate, Several layers of plywood are incorporated into the specified interlayer and then heated, pressurized and bonded to form a multilayer of plywood.

It can be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packing boxes. A group of veneers is usually formed by gluing billets perpendicular to each other in the direction of adjacent layers of wood grain. The surface plate and the inner plate are usually proportionally arranged on both sides of the central layer or the core of the board. A slab made of gelled veneers crisscrossed in the direction of wood grain, pressed under the condition of heating or not heating. The number of layers is usually odd, and a few have even numbers. The difference of physical and mechanical properties in vertical and horizontal directions is small. Common types of plywood are plywood, plywood and so on. Plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood and is one of the main ways to save wood.

The national standard stipulates that the moisture content index of decorative veneer veneer plywood is 6%-14%. The surface bonding strength reflects the bonding strength between decorative veneer layer and plywood substrate. National standards stipulate that the index should be ≥50MPa, and the number of qualified specimens ≥80%. If this index is not qualified, it indicates that the adhesive quality of decorative veneer and base material plywood is poor, which may cause the decorative veneer layer to unglue and swell in use.

According to the standard, the formaldehyde emission of decorative veneer veneer plywood should be: E1 ≤1.5mg/L, E2 ≤5.0mg/L. The index of formaldehyde release is the market entry certificate. If it does not reach the standard, it will not be able to enter the market circulation field. In addition, excessive formaldehyde content will affect the health of residents.

The difference between decorative panels and eco panels?

Decorative panels are plywood surfaces with veneer, stickers, PVC and other products

There are two kinds of ecological board, one is made of wood board as the base material of hot pressed melamine impregnated paper products, the other is made of natural mineral powder and natural fiber as raw materials, through inorganic gelling technology and other production process of a board.

The type of veneer paper

1. Solid wood veneer

Solid wood veneer is made of solid wood sheet pasted on the surface of the substrate. Its surface presents the texture and texture of solid wood, while retaining the advantages of solid wood, such as environmental protection and comfort. The price of solid wood veneer is higher, and easy to be damp, deformation and other problems

2. Wood-based veneer paper

Wood-based panel is a veneer of wood or PVC veneer pasted on the surface of the wood-based panel. Its price is relatively low, and it still simulates the texture and texture of solid wood. Its environmental protection and comfort is not as good as solid wood veneer.

3.PVC veneer paper

PVC veneer is a veneer with PVC film as the surface layer. It is waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean and other advantages, but also has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Its texture and texture is not as good as solid wood veneer panels and wood-based veneer panels.

4. Acrylic veneer paper

Acrylic panel is a kind of acrylic panel as the surface layer. It has the advantages of high gloss, wear resistance and scratch resistance, while also available in a variety of colors and patterns. Its price is higher, and it is prone to scratches, discoloration and other problems.

Tree species selection.

It is better to choose wood with uniform material, straight texture and low content of insoluble extract, such as birch, etc. Usually the pressure is 10.5~1.6M, the dry volume proportion of the compressed wood is 1.3-1.3, when less than the proportion, the product expansion is fast, and the recovery rate is high.

Material moisture content and pretreatment.

During hot pressing, there should be no less than 6% water in the cell wall, which can reduce the coefficient of internal friction in the process of compression deformation. In order to prevent the water needed for plasticization from escaping quickly, the slab should be treated with atmospheric steam for 1 to 1.5 hours before compression.

After hot pressing, the pressure should be kept cool.

Another important point in manufacturing the sliding plate is that after the hot pressing process, it should be cooled under the condition of maintaining pressure, and then removed from the pressure after cooling. This is because the thermoplasticity of lignin is quite large, and if the pressure relief cooling, the compressed baffle plate will produce a rebound. When the thin veneer is made into a compressed veneer, the pressure can be relieved without cooling and no rebound will occur.

(2) The specific steps of manufacturing anti-slide plate. First, the water content of 12%-17% waterproof slide is steamed at atmospheric pressure for 1-1.5 h to increase its water content to 17%-20%, and the central temperature is about 85℃. Immediately, the hot press plate is loaded, and the temperature of the plate is raised to 120~125℃. Then the speed of 3~4mm/min pressure, the pressure is usually 13.72MPa, the hot pressing temperature is about 160℃. Heat preservation and pressure preservation for 40~60min, in order to achieve the specified compression rate. Then cool the hot press plate, make the center temperature drop to 30~40℃(about 60min), relieve the pressure, take out the compressed product. Products need to be placed indoors for more than a week to eliminate the internal stress that may occur in the sliding plate and avoid deformation when used in the future.

filmed faced hot pressing machineFilm lamination hot press

filmed faced plywood hot press machine

Semi-automatic laminating hot press machine

Semi-Auto Infeeder for Film Faced Heat Press

Film faced plywood hot press

Melamine hot pressing veneer machine Semi-Auto Infeeder for Film Faced Hot Press Machine

Melamine hot press machine

What machine are required for producing film faced plywood?

In here, we not detailed talk its production technique, we mainly talk one necessary machine for making film faced plywood, it is the surface lamination hot press machine.

It’s function for laminating film, or face veneer, or melamine on plywood board surface, and press it, to produce the film faced plywood or melamine plywood.

For the lamination hot press machine, each daylights of hot platens need the stainless steel plate and crash pad. For make the heating temperature more balance, and have the function to insulate the high heating to prevent hurt the thin film

If you are interested to produce anti-slip plywood board, welcome contact us, we are China factory and manufacturer of Plywood machinery and veneer lathe. We can offer you all necessary and required machines. 


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