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OSB Making Euipment /OSB Automatic Production Line 200M3/Per Day
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OSB Making Euipment /OSB Automatic Production Line 200M3/Per Day


OSB Making Euipment /OSB Automatic Production Line 200M3/Per Day

What is OSB?


OSB board

4*8feet OSB

OSB board, also known as oriented strand board or directional particleboard, is a synthetic wood made of pine chips that have been hot pressed and laminated. Its thickness is generally 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, width 1220mm length 2440mm. 

OSB board features include high environmental performance, good stability, a variety of personalized options, good moisture and corrosion resistance and super nail grip. Its selection of glue is extracted from pine resin, formaldehyde release is almost zero, fully in line with national environmental standards, is a very green and environmentally friendly decoration materials. OSB board has a very wide range of applications, including a whole wardrobe, cabinets, TV ark, shoe ark, bathroom ark, wine, office furniture, packaging materials, containers backplane , wooden houses, buildings, villas, furniture, building templates, etc. Because of its good environmental protection, strong stability and excellent physical properties, OSB board is widely welcomed in the field of custom furniture and construction.

How to make OSB?

If you want to make OSB, first you need the raw materials-wood, then Debarking wood bark and peeling it to be small wood strands, if your wood is very hard, before peeling, you can first boil it; Then you need screening the wood strands and drying it; Gluing wood strands to make them stick together and forming them as required OSB thickness and size; Convey the formed OSB into Continuous pre-ress machine and Multi-layers hot press machine, make the pressed OSB be solid; Then trimming the OSB edges as required size, in the end quality test and sanding and packing OSB.

With these full production process, you will get the final product-OSB board.

OSB making equipment

(1) Wood Chipper
wood chipper for wood strands

Wood chipper will peel the raw materials wood into wood strands according to the certain thickness and size. Wood strands is the material for making OSB, so its quality will directly affect the final product quality.

(2) Vibrating Screening
vibrating screen for OSB production

Vibrating scrceen will sieving the wood strands /flakes to be different fractions according to their size, for forming OSB layers

(3) Drying
Rotary Drum Dryer

Drying is usually convection drying in a drum dryer: the particles slowly pass through an elongated, rotating drum that is inclined slightly downwards. Hot air flows through the drum in the opposite direction and absorbs the moisture. The energy required for drying is usually supplied by a hot gas generator.

(4) Gluing
Glue Regulating And Supplying Section For OSB Production Line

Glue blender will making the core layer and surface layers, make materials wood strands glued.

(5) Forming
OSB Mat Former

Mat former will uniform distributing the flakes both lengthwise and crosswise as well as the layer formation of top and middle layer flakes over the cross section of the panel.

(6) Continuous press machine
MINGHUNG Prepress Machine for OSB Production Line

Continuous press machine is suitable for making standard particle board, ultra-strong particle board, OSB, LSB, MDF/HDF, plywood and composite board

In order to ensure a high panel quality, a pre-pressing is usually carried out before the actual pressing. The mat made of flakes, fibres or strands is pre-pressed before it is transferred to the press; this is also referred to as deaeration, and the mat is then pressed at high pressure to produce a uniform board with the desired thickness

(7) Multi-layers Hot press machine
Oriented Strand Board Hot Pressing

Multi-layers hot press machine can be designed to be different layers and pressure and size to satisfy different requires

During press, the glue is cured under the influence of pressure and temperature and the mat is pressed to the specified thickness.

(8) Cutting /Trimming

Slab Trimming For OSB Production

Automatic trimming machine will cutting OSB edges, make its final size as required

(9) Sanding
particle board sanding machine

Sanding machine will make OSB surface smooth and thickness accurate

Who we are?

SHANDONG MINGHUNG OSB & MDF machinery manufacturing equipment, and SHANDONG MINGHUNG plywood machinery, belong to one same brand "MINGHUNG". 

Oriented Strand Board Prodution LineUnder "MINGHUNG" group, we manufacture and offer OSB making machine, MDF making machine, Chipboard making machine, and Plywood making machine from another subsidiary corporation.

MINGHUNG with long history from a small factory, until now become the big and famous factory who offer these machines to all over the world. We keep to constantly innovating and improving, make our wood based panel machine become better and better, And we insist use good materials to make sure machine indeed good and strong.

MINGHUNG has professional technology department, Production department, Delivery department, and After-sales department, to offer the full service.

Except offer suitable and good woodworking machinery for you, we also can design the factory layout for you.

MINGHUNG OSB hot press machine
oriented strand board pre press machine for osb making
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China Minghung Plywood OSB MDF HDF Production Line Manufacturer


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