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The New 2700mm Veneer Production Line
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The New 2700mm Veneer Production Line

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2021 New Strong Veneer Production Line

veneer production line

this full 2700mm veneer production line, including wood log debarker with crasher, veneer peeling machine, two pieces log transporter, vacuum veneer stacker.  this whole veneer line is very strong and heavy duty.

  1. the first machine-2700mm Wood Log Debarker with Crasher

    wood debarker

    the operation of log debarker is very easy, there is one handle, worker just swing it, debarker will work to remove wood bark, and make wood shape become round.

    and this debarker with crasher, it can crushing the wood bark into small chips.

    the debarker total power is big, and heavy duty, therefore, you need not worry about the hard wood processing.

  2. the second machine-2700mm Veneer Peeling Machine

     veneer peeling machine

     2700mm veneer peeling machine, weight more than 10 tons, very heavy duty and strong. each motor power very big, offer the powerful energy to driving machine working. all main parts choose the better one, use upgraded electric box.

     the biggest advantage is that this log peeler can produce very accurate wood veneer for you, whatever you sell veneer, or making plywood, this will be big helpful for you.

    3. two pieces of Log Transporter

log transporter

the log transporter use the whole solid steel plate making, make sure it strong enough to transport wood log. one log transport connect wood debarker, another connects wood debarker and veneer peeling machine.

 4. Vacuum Veneer Stacker

 vacuum veneer stacker

vacuum veneer stacker connects with veneer peeling machine, it can automatic sorting wood veneer after peeling, very convenient and high efficiency.

it can save two labor cost for you.

before i met one client, he said my price is expensive than another supplier. i think the clever and professional clients all know that, unless you not care about the quality, or price will be the last factor to consider. because buy machine, is for producing good quality wood veneer for you, for help you create much money, 

from outside, it seem looks similar, and they all be called veneer peeling machine. but it has big difference on differect aspects.

our factory not just for selling machine to earn much money, we have our own pursue, we continue to improve our machine again and again, never stop. we insist offer good, strong and suitable veneer machine and plywood machine for each our clients.

this veneer production line is very nice and strong, it will help your business well.

more information, welcome contact us.


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2700mm veneer production line

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