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The Delivery of Plywood Machine
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The Delivery of Plywood Machine

Views: 3     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2020-12-12      Origin: www.plywoodmachineline.com

Delivery of Plywood Machine


We are China factory which produce the full plywood production machine, from the beginning to the end, from the wood veneer to plywood. The machines are: wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, veneer sorting machine, magnetic knife grinder, veneer dryer machine including veneer press dryer and roller dryer and mesh dryer, plywood cold press machine, plywood hot press machine, plywood saw machine, sanding machine.


With many years development and rich experience, our plywood machine very stable and good working, we insist offer the good and suitable plywood production machine to every client, not the most expensive one.


Recently we just delivered five containers of plywood machine to one client

Now let me introduce the procedure of delivery.

>>>the preparation before delivery

   <1> when machine finish production, our engineer will test machine to ensure that machine in good conditions.

   <2> after clients pay the balance, we will order the very next ship right now.

   <3> we will check all machine and parts which will be delivered, put them in one place, make sure deliver all needed.


>>>During loading

   <1> we have specialized worker watch loading, to make sure all parts are safety during loading.

   <2> our worker will record each machines packages, and the total weight, packages, and cmb.


>>> After loading

   <1> send the draft of bill of lading to clients for confirm, then make the originals.

   <2> send the ship and container information to clients, convenient for them to check.

   <3> send all documents for do custom clearance by DHL.


When you choose us and order plywood machine from us, you need not worry anything, from the beginning produce machine, to the end deliver machine and prepare documents, we all make it for you. You just wait machine reach your worker and start use it for create much benefits for you.


Share some loading pictures with you

plywood machine delivery

We have ability and sincerity offer you good plywood machine and veneer machine, if your factory have demands, welcome contact us.



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