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Process flow of plywood cold press
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Process flow of plywood cold press

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cold press machine_副本

  1. Check the plate stacks after cold pressing and set them one by one, mark the cracks, degumming of edges and corners, bubbling of the glue layer, falling off joint holes, and partial unequal defects on the board surface, and sort and stack them.

2. Repair the detected defects:

2.1 Repair of cracks. Fill in the wide seam with wooden strips and glue it, and plan it.

2.2 Repair of edge and corner degumming. Fill it with glue.

2.3 Repair of bubbles in the adhesive layer. Cut the bubbling area with a knife, fill in a small amount of glue, and press it with a heavy object to make it stick firmly.

2.4 Repair of shedding holes. The larger holes are dug and repaired, and the single plate of the same color is brushed and glued to fix it firmly.

2.5 Repair of local unevenness of the board surface. Plane the bulge or sand it with sandpaper.

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