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Plywood Veneer Core Sewing Jointing Composing Machine
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Plywood Veneer Core Sewing Jointing Composing Machine

Our product 8feet Veneer production line includes 8feet log debarker, 8feet wood peeling machine, log conveyor, and 8feet vacuum veneer stacker.
The function of veneer peeling line for processing wood and produce wood veneer, as you know, wood veneer is material for making plywood, wooden furniture and others. So its quality are very important. This requires the veneer machine are good quality and strong enough.
This 8feet veneer production line can process max log length 2600mm, and max log diameter 600mm, and thickness can be 0.5-3mm.
With advanced and mature production technology, and experienced workers and professional technicians, So our veneer machine structure and characters are good. And we use good and thick materials, super machine accessories, good electric box and upgraded electric parts, So our log peeling machine are strong enough to peel kinds of hardwood like beech, birch and others, and can help you produce very accurate wood veneer with smooth surface, which will help you create much value.
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  • MH-VPM8A


  • Qingdao, China

  • 2000sets/Year

  • L/C, T/T

  • Two years

  • Core composer

  • For jointing veneers into plywood size

Plywood Veneer Core Sewing Jointing Composing Machine

<1> The introduction of Veneer core sewing machine:

MINGHUNG Veneer jointerCore composer /veneer jointing machine /veneer sewing machine, is one plywood machine. It is for jointing several pieces of veneers be in one plywood size, and usually this piece will be on both surface of plywood, it will improve plywood surface balance, big helpful for your plywood quality.

This core composer is high automatically, workers just put the veneer on the entrance, then it will automatically convey veneers, cutting veneer edge, and joint veneers and automatic stack plywood veneer.

In general, it is for standard plywood size 4*8feet, but if you produce other plywood size, we also can customize it for you.

MINGHUNG veneer composer

Veneer composing machine


Core composer


Veneer sewing machine


Veneer jointing machine

core composer electric box

Electric box of our core composer

veneer sewing machine's spare parts

Cutting knife of veneer composer

Name 4feet Core composing machine 8feet Core composing machine
Suitable plywood size 4*8feet 8*4feet
Thickness 1-3mm 1-6mm
Number of glue thread 5-7 rows 13 rows
Feeding speed 32m/min 32m/min
Capacity 240-300pcs/h 240-300pcs/h
Power 25kw
Weight 9000 kgs 12000 kgs

<2> Why choose us?

MINGHUNG complete plywood line


MINGHUNG veneer stacker

strong peeling machine

MINGHUNG veneer peeler

veneer drying machine

MINGHUNG veneer dryer

plywood hot press

MINGHUNG hot press machine

veneer lathe

MIINGHUNG veneer lathe

laminating hot press machine

MINGHUNG film press

plywood machinery

MINGHUNG plywood machinery

minghung veneer machine

MINGHUNG veneer peeling machine

China factory and manufacturer of Woodworking plywood making machines and veneer production machine, from A to Z, from Raw materials to the end product, we can offer you all necessary machinery to you.

Veneer machine, Veneer dryer, Sawdust dryer, Veneer patcher, Veneer core composer, Glue mixer, Glue spreader, Cold press, Hot press, Film press, Short cycle melamine hot press, Plywood sizing and cutting machine, Sanding calibrating and polishing machine, Panel turnover, lift table, and so on.

At the beginning of our factory start, we first started from this veneer jointing machine, through these years improvement and abundant production experience, our veneer joint machine has been very mature and good.

And whatever its frame material, or kinds of spare parts, we use good and high level type, ensure the whole core composer is stable, strong and high quality.

Each machine can be produced as different requires.

<3> MINGHUNG plywood machine delivery pictures

sanding machine loading

MINGHUNG pressing machine

MINGHUNG Veneer machine


plywood calibration sander

veneer stacking machine loading

plywood hot pressing

Spindleless peeling machine loading

veneer stacker loading

Until now, whatever veneer lathe or plywood machinery, we have exported many to different countries, and got good feedback. That encourge us that continue to offer high quality machinery to each our clients. 

For some machine, before loading, we will first asssembly and test for you, for example, the wood debarker, veneer lathe, veneer dryer. 

Before loading, our engineers will check all again to ensure machine is good and in good conditions, then we will disassembly and packing by plastic film or wooden box, then loading machine for you.

<4> Related MINGHUNG plywood machine:

glue spreading

Glue spreading machine

For coating and spreading  glue on wood veneer surface

kontrplak sıcak pres makinesi

Hot press machine

For pressing plywood into solid and strong piece

plywood sizing machine

Plywood sizing machine

For trimming and cutting four edges of plywood, make each piece of plywood size be same and clean.

Welcome contact us for more information

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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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