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Plywood Press Machine
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Plywood Press Machine

Views: 2     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-01-23      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

Plywood Press Machine

Today we loading cold press machine for making plywood, and the lift tables for glue machine. 

In general, the cold press machine can be 400t and 500t, they are popular and enough.  if your plywood thickness is thick, 600t pressure are good and better.

cold press has two types, one is the cylinder pressing from top to bottom, another type is the cylinder pressing from bottom to top. now the first type plywood cold press is popular.

Talking about the cold press machine, we will think about hot press machine, hot press machine can be different daylights and pressure according to your needs, for example, the 8daylights 10 daylight, 12 daylights, 15 daylights, 20 daylights, 25 daylights, and 500t 600t 800t and more.

the operation of cold press and hot press not complex, are easy and convenient.

pre press machine_副本cold press machine_副本heat press machine_副本hot press machine MINGHUNG_副本

about the lift table, now we have three types, they are like below:

the first one, is our new designed one. it is strong, can lift high, and keep worker safety. usually this good one for plywood hot press machine.

the second and third lift table usually can work with glue spreader, plywood saw machine and sanding machine.

about half an month, will be China new year, we are trying to deliver machines.

in the next days, we have 21 containers ready deliver, very busy. but for every customer, we will make machine well.

Who we are?

China professional manufacturer of plywood machine and veneer machine, we produce the whole production line, from the beginning to the end, from wood veneer to the end product plywood. and everytime we choose to offer the good and suitable plywood machine according to our clients own conditions and requires.

if you are new for producing wood veneer and plywood, dont worry, we will help you and give you advice.

if you plans to enlarge production capacity, welcome contact us, our factory has ability and sincerity offer you good plywood production machine.


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