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Mesh Dryer with Stainless wire for Drying Wood Papel Veneer
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Mesh Dryer with Stainless wire for Drying Wood Papel Veneer

Views: 0     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2022-07-02      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

Hello friends, we are Shandong Ming Hung Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd in China.

Our factory manufacture the complete plywood production line which for making kinds of plywood board. The machines mainly include: Log debarker, Wood peeling machine, Vacuum veneer stacker, Veneer dryer, Glue spreader, Core builder/composer, Plywood cold press, Plywood hot press machine, Plywood cutting machine, Plywood sander.

Today i am gonna introduce our Mesh dryer for you.

Mesh dryer belongs to one type of veneer dryer, veneer dryer usually has three types, they are Mesh dryer, Roller dryer, and Veneer press dryer.

For Mesh dryer, from its name, we can know, its convey type is through wire, and the wire can be galvanized or stainless material, and they will cause different price too.

For Mesh wire dryer, its function for drying wood veneer humidity through high temperature, after drying, the humidity of wood veneer will be 5%-10%, and it is suitable for making plywood or other wooden product. 

Mesh dryer can be different floors and length and width according to each clients own conditions and drying capacity required. 

For example, recently we will loading two sets mesh dryer for one Turkey client, for his wire dryer, using stainless wire, and 9+1 sections, width 4500mm, which drying capacity can be 30-40m3/per day.

We spend about ten days to install and test the mesh dryer for this clients, to check each aspect of dryer are in good conditions. And the result as we thought, good working condition.

For our mesh dryer, We choose use very good quality parts and accessories. to make sure our dryer quality good enough. 

veneer wire dryer

mesh dryer for wood veneer

mesh wire dryer

stainless wire for mesh dryer

veneer wire dryer

Now in the market, many suppliers and many very cheap dryer, my advise is: now that spend money to buy one set mesh veneer dryer, directly choose the good one. Thus first it can work very good; Second It not easy have problem which spend worker time or stop machine to maintain, Third you can use long time.

Until now, our factory produce plywood veneer machine many years, and whatever our factory high management or our workers, we all insist make our machine well, use good material and accessories, concentrate on production techniques, before loading, we will first test the machine conditions, make sure it is good. And we are responsible for our machine and for each client, when happen some problem, we will not avoid, we will always be there to help and solve the problem.

Thats why until now, many clients choose to buy machine from us again and again, and become good friends. 

Welcome contact us for more information. We will offer the machine working video and specifications to you, we belive that we can offer the suitable and good dryer and other plywood machine for you.


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