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Knife Grinder Instruction Book
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Knife Grinder Instruction Book

Knife Sharpener Operation Manual
1. Select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material of the grinding tool, generally grind the HS-CO NACHI milling cutter. The SG-FAX milling cutter uses a white grinding wheel with an inner hole of 20mm of 80K. If grinding tungsten steel, a diamond grinding wheel must be used;
2. Retract the grinding wheel feed fine-tuning nut (1) inward until it is aligned with the small hole of the spindle. After alignment, insert the fixing pin (6) into the hole so that the grinding wheel spindle cannot rotate, and the groove of the gasket faces inward. , and close to the grinding wheel surface, use the dismantling aluminum wrench to lock the nut;
3. After the grinding wheel is clamped on the grinding wheel spindle, pull out the fixed pin (6), and use the diamond dresser (8) to dress the grinding wheel. When dressing the grinding wheel, do not dress too much at one time to avoid the diamond falling;
4. Adjust the rotation tightness of the spindle. When the spindle seat rotates 90°, if the upper and lower clearance is too large, you can use two wrenches to loosen the nuts in opposite directions, and then adjust to the proper tightness one by one.
5. Adjustment of the 0° angle of the main shaft seat: Use a 10mm hex wrench to adjust the stop bolt (19) under the 90° indexing plate to be movable, loosen the 90° lock nut (18), and pull up the 90° index Disc fixing bolt (14). Use a 12mm round bar to grind about 60mm long. If the front end size is larger than the rear end size, adjust the wrench to the left and adjust it according to the size. If the front end size of the grinding size is smaller than the rear end size, then Adjust the wrench to the left until the front and rear dimensions are the same;
6. Adjust the spindle seat 90° with a 5mm wrench at the inner corner to adjust the stop bolt (19), clamp the Φ12mm round bar on the upper end face of the spindle seat and align the grinding wheel surface, fix the spindle seat at the 90° position and shake the spindle seat in an arc up and down. , Apply the blue dan to the end face of the round bar. If the right side of the end face is ground first, it means that 90° is over; The end face can be ground up to the left and right. When adjusting, the 90° fixing nut and the 90° indexing plate fixing bolt (14) must be loosened. When the adjustment is complete, the 90° indexing plate can be reset to zero and fixed with T6 fixing bolts;
7. Select a suitable sleeve according to the diameter of the grinding mill shank, clamp the shank on the spindle seat, and lock the nut (11) behind the spindle seat;
8. According to the shape of the grinding tool, adjust the angles on the spindle seat and lock the corresponding nuts;
9. When grinding is not started, the tool and the grinding wheel should keep a distance not too close to prevent the grinding wheel and the tool from colliding when the machine is turned on;
10. Turn on the grinder switch (2), let the grinding wheel rotate for more than 1 minute, and then start grinding after confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon;
11. Turn the sleeve lock nut (11) with your right hand, and adjust the feed fine-tuning nut (1) with your left hand. When the grinding wheel is about to touch the tool,
The knife should be fed slowly to avoid bumping the grinding wheel;
12. The amount of feed should be matched with the rotation of the tool bar, and the amount of feed should not be too large, so as not to burn the tool and cause annealing;
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knife grinder

Adjust Machine

After adjusting and tightening each part, start to connect the power cord, first introduce the three-phase four-wire power cord from the outside and connect it to the wiring terminal at the lower right corner of the electric control box MINGHUNG knife grinderMINGHUNG knife grinderMINGHUNG knife grinder

After connecting the power cord, close the power switch, tuwards  the right, turn on the emergency stop button main switchMINGHUNG knife grinder Instruction Book1,press the fast elevator buttonMINGHUNG Knife Grinding MachineInstruction Book,Confirm whether the direction of the power cord of the machine tool is correct, and then proceed to the next step. (If the operating direction of the machine tool is inconsistent with the direction of the button mark, immediately press the emergency stop button and cut off the external mains power supply. Change any two adjacent live wires of the three-phase 380V live wire to ensure that the button mark is consistent with the direction of the machine.)

Operation Steps

Keep the electromagnetic chuck workbench level and clean, put knife on it, and require that the distance between the knives at both ends of the blade protruding from the front edge of the electromagnetic chuck is equal (usually 20mm).

MINGHUNG knife grinder

After adjust knife position, turn right of “the emergency stop” main switch, MINGHUNG knife grinder Instruction Book1. then open the rotary switch of electromagnetic chuckMINGHUNG grinder knife Instruction Book, after the electromagnetic chuck is energized, the blade will be firmly attached to the workbench. Adjust the required angle of workbench according to your needs (there is a scale on the left side of the machine)MINGHUNGKnife Grinder Machine Instruction Book.

Decline the grinding head by fast Elevator button MINGHUNG Knife Grinding MachineInstruction Book until close to knife, then press the walk button minghung knife grinding machine Instruction Book, machine head will start move, then open the pump button MINGHUNG Knife grinding machine Instruction Book (2), machine cooling pump will start have water, then open the grinding wheel start buttonInstruction Book MINGHUNG knife grinder, the grinding wheel of grinding head will start running, shake the hand wheel make the grinding wheel touch the knife, setting up the automatic grinding size, and make it automatic, then the machine will automatic cycle grinding knife.

Please note: when grinding, the automatic grinding size can not too big, avoid burn the knife.

When there has burr on the knife edgeMINGHUNG knife grinder,that mean the knife finish grinding(according to the use condition of knife, deciding how much grinds), this time should not grinding again, let the machine continue working for polishing the knife edge. Using oilstone clear away the burr, thus the whole grinding process finish.

Lubrication and maintenanceMINGHUNG knife grinder

The guide and the up & down forked tail of slicing plate should inject hj-30 machine oil per shift.

Instruction Book knife grinderInstruction Book MINGHUNG knife grinderInstruction Book (2)MINGHUNG knife grinder

Feeding screw of up&down sliding plate, worm and gear, and Turbine box should inject hj-30 machine oil every week.

Instruction Book (5)Instruction Book (6)MINGHUNG knife grinderIMG_20220303_113715

The gearbox should change gear oil every three months.

 MINGHUNG knife grinder Instruction Book (7)MINGHUNG knife grinder

The bottom of cooling water pump should clean often for keep common water yield and life span.

MINGHUNG knife grinder

Since the electromagnetic chuck is used in harsh conditions, it is necessary to pay more attention to the anti-rust treatment. The surface of the disk should be wiped clean every time before grinding and after grinding. And wear anti-rust oil.  (the  electromagnetic chuck should grounding so as not to hurt people due to leakage).

Regularly check the flatness of the workbench. If the parallelism is not achieved, should grinding the workbench surface until the parallelism between the electromagnetic workbench and the travel guide is not less than 0.02/1000mm

Regularly check whether the electrical component contacts are firm and not loose

Problems and Solutions




Appear rippel on knife, especially two side of knife

The bearing gap of the grinding head motor is too large, and the motor spindle moves up and down.

Loose the stop ring of grinding head spindle, then using wrench tight the nut, then tight the stop ring

The whole knife has rippel

The bearing damage below the big plate

Change new bearings( advise change 4pcs at the same time)

Off the knife

Screw nut is loose

Tight the nut

4.Grinding knife not level, appear bend

Surface deformation of sucker

Grind the surface of the sucker

5.The sucker table has difficulty in rotating

The pedestal of sucker table rusted

Open the cover of the support and clean it and apply anti-rust oil

Has noise when running

The gearbox damage

Check if it lacks oil or change new gearbox

It can not running, press by hand, it will running, not press, then stop

The travel contactor or the upper F4-11 auxiliary contact is broken

Change travel contactor and F4-11 auxiliary contact

8.open the grinding motor, it stop right now

Excessive current protector power off

Check circuit problems before adjusting protector current

9E9. the electromagnetic suckers have no suction

The supply voltage or rectifier is out of order

Check the power supply, change the rectifier

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