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Eucalyptus Veneer Dryer
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Eucalyptus Veneer Dryer

Views: 0     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2022-04-16      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

Hello Friends, I am lucinda from Shandong Minghung Wood Machinery Co.,ltd in China.

Our factory produce plywood production machine, from material wood log, to the end product plywood, the necessary machines, we all have.

Woodworking machine mainly include: log peeling line, veneer drying line, glue machine, plywood press machine, plywood cutting/trimming machine, sanding machine, lift table.

Today i am gonna introduce veneer drying line-Roll dryer for you.MINGHUNG veneer wire dryerMINGHUNG wire veneer dryer machineveneer mesh dryer machineMINGHUNG VENEER DRYER MACHINE

Recently we just delivered one big set veneer dryer-roll dryer to our customer, dryer length 32m, width 4.5m, 4 floors. And its drying capacity can be 90-110m3/per day, very big and high efficiency.

Roll Dryer Detailed Pictures:

roll dryer door

Big fan of roll dryer

radiator of roll dryer

Electric box of veneer dryer

Veneer Roll Dryer Delivering Pictures:

veneer drying machine

Roll dryer

veneer roll dryer

dryer machine

veneer dryer machine

For our roll dryer for wood veneer, we choose good materials and parts and accessories. The roll dryer with Big fan, mature air-flue, good spare parts even very small parts like bearings, thick and good rollers, and mature dryer structure, it will help you drying wood veneer high efficiency and good quality.

And we use very thick material, make sure our dryer machine are very heavy, this set veneer drying machine, its weight reach 130ton! compare with this, as we know, some suppliers sell very cheap price, but their machine weight only 30-40ton. 

Show you dryer pictures in our clients factory:

Wire dryer

Roll veneer dryer

Choose our roll dryer, you can use many years and no need worry its quality, it will works very well for help your business creating much value and benefits.

Except veneer dryer, if you require other machines like peeling machine and plywood machine, welcome contact us. We insist choose good material and parts to making our plywood machine. Therefore, we have confident to offer the suitable and strong machine for you.


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Veneer Drying machine

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