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Composite plywood machine
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Composite plywood machine

Views: 0     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-11-27      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

marine plywood machine Composite plywood machine

Hello friends, we are China manufacturer of plywood machine -MINGHUNG MACHINERY

our factory produce the full sets of plywood machine, which can help you produce plywood. if you wants to produce plywood board, whatever furniture plywood, construction plywood, marine plywood or packing plywood or others, our machine are suitable.

and What machine are required for produce plywood board?

let me simple introduce it for you, and hope that it can help you a lot.

One. Material-Wood Veneer

log peeling machine

wood veneer is the material for producing plywood, therefore, wood veneer/wood papel are necessary. you can buy from local market or import, or you can produce by yourself. 

if produce wood veneer by yourself, then the tree peeling machine /log peeling machine are necessary. usually the veneer production line requires: 1. log debarker, 2.veneer peeling machine, 3. vacuum veneer stacker/automatic sorting machine.

with this peeling line, you can process wood/timber into wood veneer. 

and for produce good quality and accurate wood veneer, one set strong log peeling machine are required and will be much helpful for your plywood quality.

Two. Dryer /Drying Machine

veneer mesh dryer

after have material-wood papel, you need drying them, because their original mositure are big, different log can be different, some original moisture reach 60%, some reach more. in this condition, it is not suitable for making plywood. 

Therefore, drying wood veneer is necessary, so the veneer dryer are necessary. 

Usually veneer dryer has three types, one is veneer press dryer, second is Roll dryer, Third is Mesh dryer. 

they have their each own advantages and characters.  So choose the suitable one according to your own conditions.

in the end, after drying wood veneer, its humidity will be about ±10%, and it is suitable for the next steps for making plywood.

Three. Gluing -Glue Machine /Glue Spreader

glue machine

after drying wood veneer into suitable humidity, then we need coating glue on its surface, thus worker can lay them out, into plywood size. 

So the glue machine/glue spreader are necessary for do it. glue machine's structure very easy and easy operate for workers. 

Four. Pressing -Cold Press & Hot Press

Plywood cold press

hot press machine

after gluing wood veneer into plywood size. we need pressing each plywood into one solid and strong plywood. So plywood press machine are necessary and very important for plywood production. 

Cold press machine for pre-press plywood, thus can easy transfer to hot press machine, usually the hot press machine's pressure will be bigger, so it can press the plywood very well. 

the plywood hot press can be different floors and pressure according to each clients own conditions and requires. for example, if your plywood size is

1250*2500*18mm/1220*2440*18mm, then choose 500ton/600ton 15floors hot press are enough.

Five. Cutting/Trimming -Plywood Saw

plywood DD saw machine

after pressing plywood, because worker lay them out, so the edge of plywood are not tidiness. and plywood trimming saw can solve it. its working function are trimming four edge of plywood, and make each plywood size are same and tidiness. 

the plywood saw machine's working way are semi-automatic, high efficiency and improve work efficiency.

Six. Sanding/Calibrating -Sanding Machine/Plywood Sander/Calibrating Machine

calibrating machine

this almost the last step for producing plywood. after do above production steps, the plywood thickness may not accurate and balance, and for make sure plywood quality very good, plywood sanding machine are necessary. 

Sanding machine can be different types and speficiations, according to your production capacity, your requires for the plywood quality, and your budget and others, we offer the suitable sanding machine. for example, sanding machine can be one head, two heads, can be single side, can be double sides. 

until now, with above production step, you can produce the plywood you want, and choose the good plywood machine, can help you produce good quality plywood board. as we know, there are many plywood suppliers, so offer the high quality plywood can improve your competitiveness and help your business develop very well.

Well, welcome contact us when you have any demands, whatever you need one of plywood machine, or you need the full plywood production line, we have the confidence that we can offer you the suitable and strong one.


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