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Chinese High Speed Spindleless Rotary Veneer Lathe for Veneer Plant
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Chinese High Speed Spindleless Rotary Veneer Lathe for Veneer Plant

  • MH-VPM1500G
  • 846596
  • Qingdao port
  • 7-9m3/h
  • T/T or L/C
  • 1 years
  • Rotary veneer lathe
  • veneer manufacturing in veneer plant
  • 1400mm

Chinese High Speed Spindleless Rotary Veneer Lathe for Veneer Plant

Rotary veneer lathe
automatic veneer peeling machine lin e

Veneer peeling lines

Rotary veneer peeling lines includes log debarking machine, peeling machine, log conveyor, and vacuum automatic veneer stacker. With these peeling line, you can produce wood veneer through peeling wood. The quite common size is 4feet and 8feet peeling machine, which can rotary peel max log length 1400mm and 2600mm. But we also can customiz the peeling machine size according to your requires. 

tombuk soyma makinesi

Veneer production line

8feet veneer peeling machine line

Rotary peeling line

Hydraulic Knife holder veneer lathe

Hydraulic system

MINGHUNG veneer peeling lathe

Good electric box

Minghong servo motor for veneer clipper of veneer peeling lathe

Servo motor

For our veneer peeling lines, we can promise our veneer machine good and strong, which can peel kinds of hardwood like beech wood, birch wood, eucalyptus, pine and others. The complete veneer peeling line includes: Debarking machine, Peeling machine, Automatic stacking machine. Log conveyor. The complete peeling line will convey wood, shredding wood bark, and rotary peel wood into pieces of wood layers. If you have high requirements for the veneer quality and thickness, then one set good and strong spindleless rotary lathe are very important. Which can help you produce high accurate wood veneer. 

Veneer lathe at our clients factory
Tombuk soyma makinasi

1800mm peeling machine

4feet peeling machine

MINGHUNG Veneer peeling lathe

Veneer lathe loading
veneer peeling

veneer peeling machine line

veneer peeling machine MINGHUNG

veneer clipper machine

Before loading, we will first set up the veneer peeling lines, and test its working conditions and measure the veneer thickness and size, to make sure the veneer lathe are in good conditions. So we disassembly and packing them, and ready loading. We will share the test video and loading pictures with you.

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China Veneer Lathe Factory -MINGHUNG MACHINE

Plywood machine ChinaMINGHUNG plywood machineMINGHUNG clients

We are China SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD, which produce the complete line of plywood machine and veneer machine. With many years production experience and advanced technology, and professional workers and engineers and technicians, we can produce and offer the suitable, good and strong veneer lathe and plywood machinery for you.

We can offer these machines for you: Veneer production lines (Wood debarker, Veneer peeling machine, Log conveyor, Veneer stacker), Blade sharpener, Veneer dryer(Roller dryer, Wire dryer, and Press dryer), Veneer patching machine, Veneer core composer, Hydraulic glue mixer, Glue spreader, Pre-press machine, Hot press machine, Plywood trimming machine, Sanding and Calibrating machine, Boiler, Lift table, Plywood turnover machine. 

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Mark: +8618769900191

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Email: minghungmachinery@gmail.com

Welcome contact us for more information about plywood machinery and veneer lathe. we will offer machine working videos with you, and offer the quotation according to your own requires and conditions. We believe that you will satisfied our machine. 

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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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