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The Best Wood Veneer Dryer Supplier in China
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The Best Wood Veneer Dryer Supplier in China


The Best Wood Veneer Dryer Supplier in China

Welcome to China MINGHUNG machine channel, in here, you will see the most advanced veneer dryer technology in China.

Before I introduce our veneer dryer to you, we should know first what is the veneer dryer? 

i think many people are very familiar about it, especially the people who in veneer industry or plywood industry, the veneer dryer is necessary and big helpful, it plays an very important role. 

The function and application of wood veneer dryer is drying peeled original veneers moisture, why? because wood veneer is the material for making kinds of wooden productions like wooden furniture like chairs, bed, and the plywood production, LVL and others. The veneer making production from raw materials log, it is the first step. The wood moisture content is high, and different wood water content are different, usually between 40-70%, and some clients  will boil wood before peeling, so the water content will higher, such high humidity is absolutely not suitable for making these final products. Therefore, the wood veneer dryer is important and very helpful.

Now let me introduce our veneer dryer machine for you

First show you our veneer dryer in our clients factory


two sets veneer dryer

Kaplama rulo kurutucu (6)4 decks veneer dryer with semi auto loader


Veneer roller dryer

Máquina secadora de chapa (2)

60m3 veneer drying machine per day

Now, veneer dryer mainly includes three types, they are Roller dryer, Mesh dryer, and Press dryer. as the market demands rise, the first two types become more and more popular. Why? because they can be designed to be different drying width, sections and decks, for satisfy different drying capacity. 

For these three types, the third type is easy, many factory can do it. But for the first two types, few factory really produce it. because it requires high and advanced production technology, and one set veneer roller dryer or veneer mesh dryer, it is big, includes thousands of hundreds spare parts and accessories, its production process also more complicated.  This is our advanced, this is also why i am confident to say that our veneer dryer is the best in China.

in China, you can easy find many suppliers of wood veneer dryer, and you can easy find suppliers who offer very low price, but it is difficult to find one supplier who offer one really good veneer dryer with advanced production technology and good materials.

For veneer making and plywood making, all these machines, we can say, veneer dryer is the most complicated equipment, not everyone can produce one good dryer machine.

For our veneer dryer machine, first we can say, we have the extensive and advanced production experience and technology, except we have many years production experience, we keep to improve our dryer machine according to every our clients feedback and learned from world famous dryer, we dryer machine becomes better and better. Second, for one set big veneer dryer, it need many different kinds of spare parts, for our veneer dryer, we can ensure all of them are high level and good quality.

Now let me show some our dryer spare parts for you

dryers fan


minghung electric box

Electric cabinet

veneer dryers radiator


transmission system for veneer drying

Power frame

veneer dryer door


minghung veneer dryer


If you are interested, welcome contact us, we will share our dryer working video with you, and offer suitable dryer as your own conditions

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EMAIL: minghungmachinery@gmail.com

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