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MDF Forming Line Mat Former Particle Board Forming Machine for MDF / HDF / OSB / Particle Board Production Line
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MDF Forming Line Mat Former Particle Board Forming Machine for MDF / HDF / OSB / Particle Board Production Line

Mechanical graded paving is a commonly used paving method at present, using the principle of grading screens for graded paving. The shavings scattered by the dialing roller fall on the moving paving roller (diamond roller) and move forward in a jumping manner. By adjusting the gap of the paving roller, the fine shavings fall from the smaller gap at the starting end, while the coarse shavings fall from the smaller gap at the starting end. It falls into the larger gap at the back, thereby paving the slab with a gradual structure on the moving paving belt. Depending on the production scale, small and medium-sized production lines use two-head or three-head mechanical paving machines, while large-scale production lines can use four-head mechanical paving machines. There are usually three types of paving rollers: fine-toothed rollers, medium-toothed rollers and coarse-toothed rollers. In actual use, the three types of paving rollers with toothed shapes can be combined to adapt to the paving of different raw materials. Another notable feature of graded paving is that airflow assistance during paving can improve the paving effect. Especially when paving on the surface, the auxiliary effect of airflow makes the gradient structure of the surface layer more obvious and the surface of the finished board more delicate. Improve board quality.
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  • MH-PB-MF


  • 846590

  • Qingdao

  • 300cbm/day

  • T/T or L/C

  • All time

  • Automatic/Semi-automatic

  • 2 years

  • Paving Forming Machine

  • For OSB/PB/MDF Production

  • Adjustable

MDF Forming Line Mat Former Particle Board Forming Machine for MDF / HDF / OSB / Particle Board Production Line

Oriented Strand Board Combined Mat Former Oriented Strand Board Paving Machine


                                                                THE CLASSIFICATION OF FORMER
Mechanical Former: Utilizing diamond rollers and cage roll technology, this method treats the glued surface and core flakers separately to create a continuous PB mat with a gradual surface change and uniform core. Particularly suited for medium to large-scale continuous press PB production lines. Airflow Mat-Former: This innovative process involves the separate treatment of the glued surface and core flakers using airflow and cage roll mechanisms. Through this method, a continuous PB mat with a gradual surface change and uniform core is achieved. Ideal for medium to large-scale continuous PB production lines.


MINGHUNG Particleboard sizing gluing system


The surface core shavings after mixing with glue are sent to the surface core layer measurement silo of the paving station respectively, and then are paved separately through each paving head.

MDF paving machine


The particleboard paving is a 3-layer structure paving, that is, the upper layer
Lower surface layer and core layer. Among them, the paving method of the upper and lower surfaces is directional paving in the length direction, with wide and long planing

OSB Production Line


The perianth is laid directly on the surface; the core layer is laid horizontally with fine sub-small shavings.
When it comes to the surface core layer shavings paving effect is as shown in the figure. Oriented strand board designed by our company



The paver can automatically detect the height of the board to adjust the distance between the paver head and the board so that the paver head is at Keep a small distance between the boards to prevent shavings from floating freely during the descent of the pavement, thereby Ensure paving orientation accuracy (average orientation deviation within 7°).


Particleboard paving machine line

1. The pavement should be uniform and stable: the density and thickness deviation on the surface should be as small as possible. Control method: use a densitometer to measure the density at each point of the slab and measure the falling amount of shavings.

2. The slab structure is symmetrical: the center of the slab thickness is the symmetry plane, and the tree species, wood shaving shape, moisture content, glue amount, etc. on both sides are symmetrical.

MINGHUNG Oriented Strand Board Paving Machine
Paving Forming

3. Reasonable slab structure Generally, the core layer station is 1/2-3/4, and the surface layer station is 1/8-1/4. As the thickness of the plate increases, the surface content decreases.

Oriented Strand Board Thickness


Porportion of surface shavings


Porportion of core layer shavings


8 50 50
10 45 55
13 40 60
16 36 64
19 33 67


Rear processing section OSB Chipper


>>Professional technical service team provides whole plant design solutions without worries.
>> The team of production technicians provides full service and participates in factory planning, installation, production line debugging, and production delivery.
>>Professional installation team greatly shortens installation time and reduces installation costs
>>Complete after-sales service, we provide two years of free after-sales service for the entire machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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