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How to use a hot press machine to produce plywood?
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How to use a hot press machine to produce plywood?

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How to use a hot press machine  to produce plywood?

hello, i am lucinda, working in SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD. our factory produce plywood machine and veneer machine. 

glue mixer hot press cold press glue spreader_副本


glue mixer glue spreader hot press cold press_副本

The veneer sandwiches are subjected to heat and pressure in the hot press until the glue is cured. Hot pressing cures most synthetic resins adhesives.  In hot pressing it is absolutely   necessary to load, close to the press and apply full pressure as quickly as possible.  The goal of hot pressing is for the center glue line to reach the needed curing temperatures, and for it to remain at that temperature until the bond is strong enough to be handled. 

The heating rate of the core layer of plywood during hot-pressing is of great importance to the final quality of the plywood and is affected by many factors, such as the hot-pressing temperature(Thp), pressure(Php), hot-pressing time(Thp), veneer layers, and moisture content


Kontrplak makinesi

Plywood hot press machine is one necessary machinery for producing plywood, it has different layers and pressure, like 10layers, 12layers, 15layers, 20layers..., 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t..., according to the real conditions and requires, offer suitable hot press machine.

Hot press for plywood making s structure is simple and not complex, mainly consist of upper beams, hot platen, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic station.

Hot platen can be 42mm and 52mm, even 62mm, it will make according to your board thickness and your requires.

Hot press use very thick steel material, and accurate processing in welding place, good hot platen, famous cylinders, all make sure machine can work well, and make plywood good and strong.


After finish production, our engineer will test machine until make sure it is in one good conditions.

When machine reach your factory, our engineer will go to install and teach your workers how to operate and maintain.

And in the future, if you have any problem about machine, we also try help you solve it.


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