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Beech wood features? how to produce beech veneer?
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Beech wood features? how to produce beech veneer?

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Beech wood features? how to produce beech veneer?

The average dry wood density of beech is 0.961 g/mm.

Beech, is the elm family beech plants.

Beech wood features:

Heavy, strong, impact-resistant, easy to bend under steam, can be shaped, good nail-holding performance, but easy to crack. The grain is clear, the wood texture is uniform, and the tone is soft and smooth. Heavier than most hardwoods, it is prone to cracking during kiln drying and processing.

The same beech imported from Europe and the United States is of good quality, and the import price is several times that of domestic beech. Domestic beech, also known as shuiqinggang, is a wood that is different from beech in wood, structure, wood grain, and its price is lower.

Beech wood is dense and heavy, with fine and straight grain, and fewer knots in tissue structure; domestic beech wood is looser in wood, light in weight, inconspicuous in wood grain, with more knots in tissue structure and chromatic aberration.

Beech trees can grow to more than 30 meters and have a diameter of up to 1.5 meters. The texture of beech wood is layered and richer than that of elm. Suzhou craftsmen call it "pagoda pattern". Beech wood is also harder than ordinary wood, but it is not a hardwood. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, beech has an important position and has been valued since ancient times.

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