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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery factory 

produces plywood machinery in Linyi city, China, dedicated to providing high-quality and suitable machines for our customers.

cnc machine for plywoodwood peeling machine for plywood price

Every part of machine is very important to the overall quality, and the details determine the success or failure. We know clearly about this, so we constantly improve and optimize the performance of our machine, strictly control every production step, operated by experienced workers, processed by advanced machinery equipment, through multiple inspection procedures, to ensure that the machine is accurate and durable.

plywood stacking machineplywood saw cutting machine

Hydraulic station is one important part for press machine, Our hydraulic station be designed by our engineer, reasonable design of hydraulic system, save energy, all hydraulic components are arranged reasonably, neatly and beautifully placed, and the components like electromagnetic valve, hydraulic pump all use good one.

cutting plywood machine]

The oil cylinder is treated with anti-rust, alloy casting, high hardness, scratch resistance, suitable for high-strength operations, and uses a good oil seal to prevent leakage, ensure the pressure in the oil cylinder, and good performance

veneer slicer machine alibaba

The hot platen be processed by large lathe, make the surface is smooth, with sufficient strength and stiffness. It does not deform at high temperatures, and the temperature and heat are uniform. This makes the plywood heated evenly, the surface is flat, and the thermal efficiency is high, which improves the production efficiency.

dental veneer machine


The rollers of the rotary cutting machine are chrome plated, with hard quality, no deformation, corrosion resistance and long service life. The heavy duty of the machine makes the machine very stable during operation. The high-power motor provides powerful power for the machine to cut hard wood and precision wire.  The bar ensures that the thickness of the veneer is accurate and even. The unique dual-drive structure makes the surface of the veneer smoother and can produce high-quality veneer for you.

The rollers of the peeling machine are made of spikes. The numerous knives on the surface enable the machine to peel off the bark easily, and make the wood round. The machine is fast and easy to operate

veneer core builder machine


We have a professional sales team to serve you online 24 hours, technical team and maintenance team to provide you with factory layout, machine drawings, and after-sales service.  Choosing us is tantamount to choosing rest assured


Friends, our machines include peeling machines, rotary cutting machines, tumble dryers, 4 * 8 foot glue spreaders, cold presses, hot presses, sawing machines, sanding machines, boilers.  Please contact us, we will provide you with the most suitable machine to help your business create revenue.

veneer machine for saleveneer machinery

Veneer production line

Veneer peeling machine’s function is processing wood into veneer, its standard size is 4feet and 8feet, also we can customize, the related machine is wood debarker, veneer stacker.

for keeping veneer quality good, we focus on each production step, heavy duty make machine very stable, the precise feed screw make sure veneer thickness accurate, the roller is chromed, long lifespan, big power can offer powerful energy to driving machine process hardwood,so please tell us your requires, we will offer the most suitable peeling machine to you.

veneer glue machineplywood puzzle die cutting machine

Plywood production line

Hydraulic Plywood hot press machine is one important machine for making plywood, it can be different pressure and layers, like 400t, 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 10layers, 15layers, 20layers, etc.

with reasonablely designed hydraulic system, anti-rust and alloy casting cylinder, smooth and hard hot platen, machine heavy duty, make sure pressing plywood balance and high efficiency.

We will produce hot press according to your needs, welcome contact us.

veneer dryer machineplywood machinery

Plywood machine line

We are one famous manufacturer of complete range of plywood machine in Linyi city, China, products include cold press, plywood hot press, glue spreader, plywood veneer paving line, core composer, plywood saw machine, sanding machine, lift table, veneer peeling machine, wood debarker. And we have acquired EU CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CCEP, and Energy Conservation Certification.

Through continunous improvement, our machine now is very stable and good working conditions, please tell us your demands, we will offer the good and suitable machine to you.

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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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