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Plywood Sanding Calibration Machine-For Plywood Production
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Plywood Sanding Calibration Machine-For Plywood Production


Plywood Sanding Calibration Machine-For Plywood Production

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plywood sanding calibration machine


The woodworking sanding machine with automatic feeding system, referred to as sanding machine or broadband sanding machine in the woodworking machinery industry, is a woodworking machinery manufacturer, mainly for woodworking board processing industry, floor wall panel processing industry, bamboo wood handicraft processing industry, bamboo Sanding equipment specially developed by wooden toy processing enterprises has the characteristics of simple operation, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, mature and stable technology, and complete supporting facilities. It can be perfectly connected with automatic production lines to form various automatic production lines.

Sanding and grinding are synonymous words, which refer to the physical removal of some materials and objects that are uneven, uneven in thickness, and do not meet the process requirements through abrasive cloth, grinding wheel, sandpaper, scouring pad, non-woven polishing wheel, etc., so that It is more smooth and flat, uniform in thickness, and a method to make it up to standard by technology. It is used in various veneer production, standard structural parts production, toy handicraft industry, decoration and furniture industry, floor wall panel building materials industry and so on.

plywood sander


⒈Ordinary sanding machine

Ordinary type sanding machine is equipped with small power, relatively light frame, compact and light weight, small sanding force of sand roller, and easy to cause damage due to overload operation, but the price is relatively low, suitable for small-scale production

⒉Heavy duty sander

The heavy-duty sanding machine is equipped with large power, heavy frame, large and heavy model, large sanding roller, strong sanding force, strong and durable, but the price is about 30% higher than the ordinary type, suitable for large-scale production

⒊Elevated sander

Elevated sanding machine is a sanding machine developed and produced for edge sanding on the basis of heavy-duty sanding machines. The lifting height of the workbench can be adjusted within the range of 0-650MM, and the lifting range of customized machines can be increased by more than 1 meter.

⒋ Double-sided sanding machine

The sander that sands both sides at the same time at one time has a complex structure, inconvenient adjustment, and relatively high cost. Only large-scale sheet metal processing enterprises will use it.

⒌Primer sanding machine

Sander specially designed for sanding primer

Sanding machine features:

1. There is a lot of dust in the use environment, and the equipment should be specially designed so that it can run stably without being affected.

2. The equipment is sophisticated but the quality of the operators is low. The operation and adjustment of the equipment should be designed as simple and intuitive as possible, and the operation should be trained by specialized personnel.

⒊Abrasive belts are easy to deviate, the belt control system must be stable, and the belt protection and braking system must be reliable.

⒋The left and right thickness is uneven, and the worktable lifting system is stable.

⒌The use time is long but the maintenance is relatively poor. Regularly strengthen the maintenance to prolong the service life.

plywood sanding machine

Precautions for use:

2. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel, etc.

3. Machines without effective protective measures cannot be used

⒋ Sanding will produce a lot of dust, wear a mask to use

⒌Sanding equipment should be installed in a dry, ventilated place without direct sunlight

6. When the automatic sanding machine is used, there must be matching dust removal equipment, otherwise it is very easy to break down, damage the equipment, and affect production.

⒎When belt sanding finds that the belt is deviated, it should be adjusted in time.

⒏Wheel sanding must confirm the exact running direction of the grinding wheel, lock the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from flying out

China plywood sanding machine

Possible problems and how to solve them:

⒈The deviation of the abrasive belt is generally caused by improper adjustment. The normal abrasive belt swing should be 15-20mm in swing amplitude, 15-20 times per minute in swing frequency, moderate swing speed and consistent swing in and out speed. If it is in an abnormal state, over time, deviation may occur, especially if the speed of swinging in and out is inconsistent, it is more likely to cause abnormal shutdown; the photoelectric switch is damaged, the solenoid valve is damaged, and the swing cylinder is damaged. Poor dust collection and high dust concentration will affect the normal operation of the photoelectric cell and cause the belt to deviate; the damaged parts should be replaced in time to improve the dust removal effect.

2. Limit failure: There are limit switches on both sides of the abrasive belt. When the abrasive belt fails to swing and deviates to one side, touch the limit switch, the abrasive belt will loosen, and the main motor will stop automatically, which can effectively protect the abrasive belt. Once the limit fails, it can cause damage to the abrasive belt, sparks caused by rubbing the frame, and even cause a fire. Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.

⒊The abrasive belt is wrinkled. Once the abrasive belt is wrinkled, it can no longer be used. Generally, there are three possible causes of the abrasive belt wrinkle: the abrasive roller and the tension roller are worn out, grinding and repairing the roller; the abrasive belt is damp and soft, causing wrinkling. It can be treated by drying and drying; if the sanding machine is not used for a long time, the surface of the sanding roller will be rusty and rough, and the abrasive belt will be difficult to swing, which will cause a tendency. At this time, the roller should be derusted or polished with finer sandpaper.

4. Abrasive belt breakage and abrasive belt fracture are mainly caused by abrasive belt deviation, or abrasive belt bluntness that is not replaced in time, or excessive sanding load, or hard objects encountered during sanding, or quality problems of the abrasive belt itself. Breaking of the abrasive belt should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it may cause a fire. When the current is abnormal, it should be observed whether the abrasive belt is blunt, and if it is, it should be replaced in time.

6. In the adjustment of the sander, it is required to adjust the back pressure spring of the upper conveying roller to two-thirds (the remaining one-third), and the distance between the upper conveying roller and the lower conveying roller should be more than that of passing through. The thickness of the slab should be less than 1.5mm or 1mm, otherwise it will cause the slab to deviate or slip. In severe cases, it will cause a rebound, which may endanger personal safety.

⒎The size of the sanding board changes after the abrasive belt is replaced, and the position of the cantilever of the sanding machine fluctuates greatly when the locking block is loosened or locked, which should normally be within 0.5mm. If it is too large, when the locking block locks the cantilever, the difference in the locking force will cause a difference in the repeatability of the cantilever, which will cause fluctuations in the size of the sanding plate and directly affect the sanding accuracy of the sanding machine. When the error of the cantilever is too large (more than 0.5mm), the fixing bolt of the locking block should be unscrewed and adjusted properly. At the same time, when the abrasive belt is replaced, the locking force of the locking block should be consistent.

8. When the conveying roller is intermittently rotating or not rotating when the car is empty, the above situation cannot be observed generally. It can only be found when the car is empty. The reason is that the worm gear that transmits power is partially worn or completely worn during the deceleration of the worm gear. Although it will not affect the work, other worm gears will shorten their life and cause greater losses due to the increased workload. Therefore, once this situation is found, it should be replaced immediately.

⒐ Abnormal vibration of the main bearing seat. : Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the main bearing seat is very small, and an experienced operator can judge whether it is normal by touching it. Generally, there is no condition to use an instrument to measure it on site, but it can be judged by comparing it with other bearing seats, or it can be judged from the surface of the sanding plate To judge the pros and cons. When the vibration of the bearing seat is abnormal, it can be considered that there are two reasons. One is that the bearing is damaged, as long as the bearing is replaced. Remove the sand roller for servicing.

⒑The main drive belt slips. In the Q-type and M-type sanding machines, high-speed flat belts are used. This form of transmission is theoretically more efficient than V-belt transmission. However, in actual use, the belt may deviate or slip, which is mainly caused by improper adjustment. It should be adjusted strictly according to the requirement of 1.5-2% elongation of the belt, and the tension on both sides of the belt should be the same. After the adjustment is completed as required, a test run should be carried out, especially when the current of the main motor suddenly rises, to observe whether the belt deviates, and if it deviates, a second adjustment should be performed.

For sanding machine, it is high requirements for its production technology, because sanding machine need keep high accuracy, thus it can sanding calibrating plywood thickness accurate and balance. and at the same time, when sanding machine works, it can works very well, and can keep stable.

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