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Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
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Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood

Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood

Hello, Our factory produce plywood production line, it includes: veneer production line, veneer dryer, glue machine, cold press machine, hot press machine, plywood trimming machine, sanding machine.

Now according to production steps, let me share each machine pictures with you

1. Veneer Production Line
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
This full veneer peeling line includes: wood debarker, veneer peeling machine, log conveyor. and vacuum veneer stacker.
It will process log into wood veneer, and automatic sorting wood veneer. High efficiency
Our peeling machines. are strong enough to peel kinds of hardwood like beech, birch and make sure its thickness accurate.

2. Veneer Dryer
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
Veneer dryer include different types, there are Roll dryer. Mesh dryer, and press dryer. Different dryer has its own characters and advantages.
If you require big drying capacity per day, then choose Roll dryer and Mesh dryer are better.
If you have factory room limits, and have budget limits, press dryer will be good choice

3. Glue Machine
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
Glue machine are double sides, its function is coating glue on both sides of wood veneer surface, so worker can lay them out.
The standard glue machine is 4feet and 8feet. Its structure very simple and easy operate.

4. Cold Press Machine
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
Cold press machine for pre-press plywood. make inside glue moulding, thus it easy to put plywood on hot press machine, and pressing time will be short

5. Hot Press Machine
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
Hot press machine are very important for plywood quality. It can be different floors and pressure, for example, it can be 500ton, 600ton, 800ton, and more, and it can be 10 floors, 12 floors, 15 floors, 20 floors.
For our hot press machine, choose thick material and good parts to make it. we can promise the hot press machine good quality.

6. Plywood Trimming Machine
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood

Plywood trimming machine for cutting four edges of plywood, make each pcs plywood size same and tidiness.
It is high efficiency and can automatic stacking

7. Sanding Machine
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood

sanding machine includes different types, it can be one head, two heads. three heads, it can be single side, also can be double sides
Some sanding machine for calibrating plywood thickness, some sanding machine for polishing plywood surface
So after you tell your requires, we will offer the suitable sanding machine for you

7. Lift Table
Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood
Lift table are auxiliary machine for other plywood machine, help workers to easy work and operate machine.

Until now, with above machines, you can start produce plywood

Whatever you wants to start produce plywood, or you want to enlarge your production capacity, Welcome contact us for more information.

Plywood Equipment for Making Plywood

Lucinda /Sales Manager

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