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veneer chipper
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veneer chipper

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HI dear friends, we are MINGHUNG wood machinery, we mainly produce the whole sets of plywood machine and veneer machine, including wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker, veneer dryer machine, glue machine, cold press machine, hot press machine, plywood edge trimming saw, sanding machine, lift table.

(ahşap kütük soyucu, kaplama soyma makinesi, vakumlu kaplama istifleyici, kaplama kurutma makinesi, tutkal makinesi, soğuk pres makinesi, sıcak pres makinesi, kontrplak kenar düzeltme testeresi, zımpara makinesi, kaldırma masası.)

automatic veneer machine lineautomatic veneer peeling machine lin ehydraulic station for plywood machine

each plywood machine have different size and different configuration. for example, the tree peeling machine has 4feet and 8feet standard size, motor power can be different according to the log hard or soft, but now in general, we offer the high configuration peeling machine, because it can be long life span, strong enough to processing wood log, and produce very accurate wood veneer.

hot presshot press machine MINGHUNG_副本

the hot press machine, it can be different daylights and pressure according to your needs, it can 500t 600t 800t and more, it can be 8daylights 10daylights 12daylights 15daylights and more. the standard hot plates size is 2700*1370mm, but some clients produce big format plywood board, this is not problem, because we can customize the machine.

roll dryerroller veneer drying machineveneer mesh dryer

the veneer dryer machine, it has different types, like the veneer press dryer, roll dryer, mesh dryer, each dryer has its own advantages, according to different clients' demands, we advise the suitable dryer.

if you have limits budget, and not require big capacity, the veneer press dryer will be a good choice for you.

if you require big capacity, then the roll dryer and mesh dryer will be the better choice

in this world, there are so many suppliers, we can not control others, and we dont compare with others, we only compare with ourselves, better than yesterday, continue to improve our plywood machinery. our machine never stop to improve its characters and function, thats why every period our machine will have new things. becuase we wants to offer good, strong and suitable to every our clients.


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