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  1. company news(20200410)complete machine delivery again

  Congratulate Indonesia customer veneer plywood machine line delivery ,ready to get our machine,our company focuses on plywood veneer machine,service global customer,at the moment,we get belief,quality first,guarantee delivery on time.

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2,live news:fasting closing system develop successfully

In 2020,we develop a new system for hot press fasting close,15 layers 500tons closing time can arrive 12-15s,10 layers 800tons pressure can arrive 10-13s.it is very mature model,quickly getting market approve.

3,live news:new model plywood paving machine without pit

 In order to meet customer demand,company develop one kind of plywood paving machine without pit,it is easy to remove machine for this kind of model,with the users factory scale enlarge,so it needs new layout to get more place,produce high efficiently,save labor.

4,live news:speed can adjust for 8ft glue spreader

    As we all known,in plywood factory,when spreading glue on the surface of base plywood,it needs fast passing plywood sueface,if not,it is not same uniform,so we add frequency into this machine,it solve this problem perfectly

5,company news:Jakarta expo.

In 2020,our company attends Jakarta wood expo successfully,more and more new friend come to our exhibition,carefully know our production,and sign contract ,looking forward to cooperation with more user factory

6,live news high evaluation from client

Recently ,we get many feedback,they praise our quality ,good service,good answer on time.

We are proud of hearing this news,we think we are worthy of paying out effort,we will continue to service client better,improve the quality of machine further,open bigger market.

7,company  news:new system  for peeling machine

With the development of machine,meeting new demands,our company is developing new system for peeling machine,thickness uniform is much better than before,system is more stable,we will hold press conference in time,welcome to more pay close attention .

8,live news:spindle peeling line

    Not like spindles peeling line,it has auto manual feeding machine system,spindle peeling line not has it,if you have new idea,welcome to contact us,we will accept your suggestion modestly,much thanks learn each other,go-ahead each other.

9,live news   new model hydraulic box without noise

    Last year,some users react old model noise is big,so we solve this problem quickly,pressure pump is put on the top inside,it reduces noise drastically, but it also can keep clean.

10,company news:coronavirus

      Due to special situation this year,our installer cannot go abroad,it will have big loss,thanks for your understanding and support,we will use vedio to guide to install machine,thanks,more news,please continue to wait for goverment news.

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