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how to do building template plywood?
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how to do building template plywood?

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how to do building template plywood?

Architectural film plywood machine/building template plywood machine

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Building template plywood has high strength and hardness, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, no formaldehyde, easy recycling, and can be made into various cross-sectional shapes and sizes, which not only retains the advantages of wood in processing performance, but also It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional building templates that are not durable and afraid of insects, and is now becoming a new favorite in the international and domestic building materials market.

Definition: Building formwork plywood is a plywood formed by cutting logs into large veneers along the direction of the annual rings, drying and gluing them, and then forming blanks and gluing them according to the principle that the wood grain directions of adjacent veneer layers are perpendicular to each other.

Specifications: Common specifications on the market are 1830mm×915mm×18mm 2440mm×1220mm×21mm 2440mm×1700mm×21mm

Uses: Forming and curing newly poured concrete to make it reach a certain strength to bear the self-weight of the temporary structure and can be removed as a model plate. The formwork system of the reinforced concrete structure consists of two parts, one is the formwork that forms the shape and design size of the concrete member; the other is the support system that ensures the formwork shape, size and spatial position.

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