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China Professional Manufacturer of Plywood Machine
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China Professional Manufacturer of Plywood Machine

Views: 5     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2020-12-19      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE



HI, today is 19th December, time is so fast, there happened so many things on 2020, we believe that the bad things will be over, and the good things on the way.

And this year, we still on the way to make our plywood machine better and better, improve the character of machine, make our machine more stronger and stable, help our clients business going better.



Our factory mainly produce the full line of plywood machine, from the beginning to the end, machine includes: wood log debarker, wood veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker/automatic veneer sorting machine, veneer dryer machine(veneer press dryer, roller dryer, mesh dryer), glue machine, core composer, plywood veneer paving line, cold press machine, hot press machine, plywood dd saw, sanding machine, lift table.


When you do one new things, the first step is hard, but if you work hard and choose the right way, and continuous to improve yourself, then things will getting better and better.

Our factory too, at the beginning from one small factory, insist make each production step well, and our design team often were together to study how to improve machine again. Therefore, after one year and one year, until now, we have become a big and good factory for manufacturing machine. Our machine are very popular in domestic market, as you know, people can easy come to visit our factory and check our machine, because we are not far, so that means that our machine indeed in good conditions. And we also have exported to many countries, and we know clearly that we in different countries, we are far, so we have to make sure machine quality good, and when plywood machine reach your factory, our engineer will go to install and teach your worker how to install and maintain.


The philosophy principle of our factory is help more and more clients create much value through offer them good quality and suitable plywood production machine. We not only think for ourselves, when we produce and design machine, first we stand our clients think this problem, how to make machine well to help their business, how to let them spend favorable price to get the better machine, what we want is not cooperate one time with clients, we hope can build a good and long relationship with them. I think thats why now we have more and more old clients, they like our old friends, they are glad to introduce other people to us, because they trust us, and we cherish this trust.


If your factory wants to enlarge the production capacity of plywood,  or you wants to start do this new business. Welcome contact us. We will give you the professional advice according to your conditions and requires.

We will give you advice about the factory layout, give machine foundations like hot press and cold press, give the guide that how to operate and maintain machines.

We have ability, confidence, and sincerity offer good and strong plywood machine for you.

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