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China Plywood Hot Press Machine
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China Plywood Hot Press Machine

Views: 0     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2022-05-21      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

Hello Dear all friends, It's me, Lucinda, from Shandong Minghung Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd in China.

We are China manufacturer of plywood machine, include the full plywood production line, they are : Veneer Production Line (Log debarker, Tree peeling machine, Log conveyor, and Vacuum veneer stacker); Veneer Dryer (Roller dryer, Mesh/Wire dryer, and Press dryer); Plywood Glue Spreader, Plywood Cold press, Plywood hot press, Plywood trimming cutting machine, Sanding Machine, and lift table. 

We have manufacture plywood veneer machine many years, with advanced production technology, experienced workers, professional technicians, and good after-sales service, we can offer the suitable and strong woodworking plywood machine for you.

Today i am gonna introduce our Plywood hot press to you. 

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Hot press machine are one important production step for making Plywood. whatever your plywood for construction, packing, furniture, or others, one good and strong hot press machine are very helpful.

Hot press machine can be different floors and pressure, so we will offer the suitable one according to your requires and demands.

For example, hot press can be 8 floors, 10 floors, 12 floors, 15 floors, 20 floors, or more; and its pressure can be 500ton, 600ton, 800ton, 1000ton, or more.

And hot press size can be different according to your plywood size. usually the standard plywood size 1250*2500mm, thus the standard hot press size will be enough, its hot plates size will be 2700*1370mm.

But in different countries, their plywood size demands also be different, some require smaller plywood size, like 1525*1525mm, 

some country like big plywood size like 2200*1700mm, or 1500*3000mm.

Please do not worry, we will customize the hot press size, for suitable pressing your plywood size.

Now i am introduce hot press machine itself, one set hot press mainly consist by frame, hot plates, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, and some small accessories.

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Hydraulic station

cylinder press machine

Oil cylinder


CNC screen

Hot platen for hot press machine

Hot plates

hot press accessories

Hot press electric parts

hot press cnc screen

Hot press cnc screen

For our hot press machine, we insist choose thick and good material to make its frame, make sure our hot press machine are strong and heavy. 

And for all of its mainly parts and small accessories, we use the very good type. 

Hot Press Machine at Our clients factory:

plywood press machine

plywood hot press

press machine

Minghung plywood machine

Welcome contact us for more information about plywood hot press machine.

We promise that will offer the suitable and strong plywood hot press machine for you.

Except hot press, if you need other plywood machine, welcome contact us too.

MINGHUNG plywood machinery

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