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veneer machine

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MH2600MM CNC spindle rotary cutting machine

Recently, the company has successfully developed the MH2600MM no card shaft rotary cutting machine successfully. The machine is mainly composed of nine parts, 1, body and double roller feed transmission part 2, double roller table and the transmission part 3, a cutter frame and a pressure plate ruler Part 4, double roller table feed box part 5, single roller drive and feed part 6, electrical system, 7 the 8 part, hydraulic system, pneumatic parts, 9 parts, lubrication. Through the mechanical structure and electrical system, hydraulic system pneumatic system perfect combination, to achieve the desired requirements, rotary veneer quality is high, basically reached the card axis rotary cutting production accuracy of veneer.

Innovations are as follows:

On the top of the rotary cutting edge, a plate pressure gauge is added to solve the problem of poor quality of the traditional non chucking rotary cutting veneer.

Two. The dynamic single roller drive and motor outer circle logs through the opportunistic contact according to the corresponding value of synchronized feed plate thickness, solve the difficult problem of traditional single card roller and log cylindrical extrusion of large or small and soft hardwood

Three. Increase frequency control of drive roller to realize variable speed rotary cutting.

Four, increase the function of cutter angle changes, improve the quality of veneer.

Five, increase the automatic change veneer thickness function, plate thickness adjustment is convenient and quick.

Six, double roller table movement, tool holder does not move, ensure high-speed rotary cutting and shear synchronization, roll transmission gear transmission, increase transmission instability, effectively improve the quality of rotary veneer.

Main technical parameters of MH2600MM CNC non spindle rotary cutting machine:

1. maximum rotary cutting length: 2600mm

2. output speed: 30-80m/min

3. maximum cutting diameter: 500mm

4. final wood core diameter: 60mm

Thickness of 5. rotary veneer: 0.5-3mm

6. machine tool total power: 60kW (double roller 11*2). Single roll 11*2, double roller feed 11 single roller feed 3. 5 hydraulic station 1. 5)

7. machine size: 5700 x 2150 x 1700mm

8. weight of machine tool: 13000kg.

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