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veneer lathe
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veneer lathe

Views: 3     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-01-16      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

veneer lathe 

Hello friends, today is 16th January, near China new year, only left 26 days. But the covid 19 still heavy in different place, hope you and your family can be healthy.


Recently because our business with clients about the plywood machine, i have some feelings, so today wants to talk about the integrity. I think that Integrity is very important character for the seller and buyer too. If both can sincere treat each other and keep integrity, the business will be very smoothly. I think many of you will have same thoughts with me.


I heard one story, one supplier sold his product to his foreign clients, but after his clients received the products and find there has many problems, the clients try to let the supplier give him compensation or deliver new and good products to him, but the supplier not give any reply and disappear.

I feel sorry for the clients, because he lost his money and not get the goods what he should get.

Of course, that supplier’s business must can not develop well and longer, because he not have faith, he is not sincere to his clients, therefore, he will not get old clients. People buy from him the first time, will not buy from him the second time.


I suddenly think of one things about us. Last year, it happened one big thing, we delivered plywood machine includes plywood saw machine, glue spreader, and knife grinder to one client. When the machine reached his port, after talked with his custom, he said some documents are not suitable, they can not finished the custom clearance, as we know, if it can not do custom clearance, our client can not get the machine, and it will cause kinds of expanse. So in the end, we decide return these machines back China, and make new machine for our client and send again, and we undertake the freight cost.

When the new machine reach our client factory, he is satisfied. And he buy new plywood machine includes hot press machine, cold press machine, 8feet veneer peeling machine from us again.

If that time, when our client meet problem, we choose not reply and be together with him, i think he will not choose us anymore.


Insist think of problems standing clients position, try help their business going better, help them create much value is our factory principle. And we are doing like this.

That’s why when our old clients have demands of plywood machine and veneer machine again, maybe they will also ask other suppliers, but in the end, they choose us. Because sincere treat them and help them, they can feel it.


Our factory will continue to make our plywood machine and veneer machine better and better, every period, our machines will be improved again. We never stop to make our machine better.

MINGHUNG complete plywood lineMINGHUNG GLUE SPREADERMINGHUNG HOT PRESS MACHINE_副本MINGHUNG log conveyor for veneer peeling machine_副本1

Now our machine mainly include: wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker, magnetic knife grinder, veneer dryer machine including veneer press dryer, roller dryer and mesh dryer, glue spreader machine, cold press, hot press, plywood saw machine, sanding machine.

Offer the good and strong plywood machine is the basic and important, except this, we will offer factory layout, the quickly reply about our customers questions. The moment they choose us, we have been their reliable partner in China, we will always offer support when they need us.


So when you plans to start produce wood veneer or plywood, or your plywood factory needs new machines, whatever veneer machine, veneer dryer machine, hot press machine or others, we will offer you the suitable one according to your conditions and requires.


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