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plywood production machine
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plywood production machine

Views: 2     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-01-09      Origin: MINGHUNG PLYWOOD MACHINE

plywood machine China

plywood production machine

Hi we are China factory which produce the whole production line of plywood machine. near China New Year, only left about one month, this will be the biggest festival for Chinese, so what will it happened? Some clients may worry that if now i order machines, if can deliver before your holiday?

All people will stop work and have a holiday. That time our workers also rest for holiday, therefore, now our worker works overtime to finish the orders, and we try to deliver plywood machines before China New Year, thus, can save some time for our clients. If you order one set simple machine like glue machine, cold press, we will try produce your machine and deliver before China new year. But if you order veneer peeling machine, hot press machine or others, we will deliver after holiday, because one month production, after holiday, can first arrange your orders delivery, this will help you save time.

As you know, for producing plywood machine, whatever it is veneer peeling machine, or other woodworking machines like hot press machine, cold press machine, glue machine or sanding machine, veneer dryer machine, we need about one month for production, because we need to ensure machine quality good, not just pursue the production speed.

Recently we have get many orders, some clients order the veneer machine, some clients buy hot press machine, some clients buy the full production line of plywood machine. Even now the covid 19 still exist and a little heavy in some place, it can affect the business, but can not stop the business developing. It will be over finally, Thats why now still many people order machine, because their business still very well, like the demands of wood veneer and plywood increases a lot this year. Many my clients business very busy, i feel very glad when i heard that.

What we can do is insisting offer the good quality and suitable veneer machine and plywood machine for every our client, one good machine will help them produce good quality wood veneer, plywood, furniture, this will help them create much benefits, and one good machine will save their maintain cost and time, this is also very important.

With many years development and improvement, our machines become very mature and advanced, the material of machine be chosen by our experienced purchase manager, then our design team will design machine, through change and adjust again and again, in the end, confirm the machine structure and functions. Then the production team will start produce machine, each production step be responsible by professional workers, and be processed by big and advanced equipment to make sure machine accuracy, after finish the production, our engineer will test machine again and again to make sure machine in good conditions, then, our sales team will order ship and prepare delivery.

Each steps, each details, we treat it carefully, because we know that the quality is the basic and important. Selling good plywood machine, will get clients good feedback and trust, and can help us go farther.

Therefore, if you need plywood machinery or log peeler, or hot press or others, dont worry the holiday, we will produce and deliver according to the sequence.

If your factory have any demands, welcome contact me.

We will offer you the good and suitable plywood machine and veneer machine in a good price.



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