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What types of plywood?
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What types of plywood?

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What types of plywood?

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composite plywood

The core layer (or some specific layers) is composed of veneer or other materials than solid wood, and each side of the core layer has at least two layers of interlaced veneer blanks glued together.

symmetrical structure plywood

The veneers of the corresponding layers on both sides of the central layer correspond to the same plywood in terms of tree species, thickness, grain direction and physical and mechanical properties.

plywood for general use

plywood for specific use

Plywood with some special properties and suitable for special purposes. (Examples: marine plywood, flame retardant plywood, aviation plywood, etc.)

aviation plywood

Special plywood made of birch or other similar species of veneer and phenolic film paper. (Note: Mainly used in aircraft parts manufacturing)

marine plywood

It is a kind of high water-resistance special plywood formed by hot pressing and gluing the surface board impregnated with phenolic resin glue and the core board coated with phenolic resin glue. (Note: Mainly used in the manufacture of ship parts)

difficult-flammable plywood

Plywood and its surface decoration products whose combustion performance meets the requirements of Grade Β1 in GB 8624.

insect resistant plywood

Insect repellant is added to the veneer or adhesive, or the product is treated with insect repellant, and it has the function of preventing insects from invading special plywood.

preservative-treated plywood

Preservatives are added to the veneer or adhesive, or the product is treated with preservatives, special plywood with the function of preventing fungal discoloration and decay.


Plywood is made of bamboo as raw material and according to the principle of plywood composition. (Note: including bamboo plywood, bamboo strip plywood, bamboo plywood, bamboo curtain plywood, composite bamboo plywood, etc.)

strip plybamboo

Bamboo plywood is a bamboo plywood formed by sizing and gluing.

sliver plybamboo

Bamboo plywood is a bamboo plywood that is made of bamboo strips and is glued by sizing group blanks. (Note: Including bamboo woven plywood, bamboo curtain plywood and bamboo strips plywood, etc.)

woven mat plybamboo

Bamboo plywood is a bamboo plywood made by interlacing the bamboo strips into a bamboo mat, and then pressing it with a glue group.

curtain plybamboo

Bamboo plywood is a bamboo plywood made by weaving bamboo strips into bamboo curtains, and then glued by sizing group blanks.

composite plybamboo

Bamboo plywood is a bamboo plywood made by gluing different constituent units such as bamboo slices, bamboo strips, and bamboo veneers according to certain rules. )

wood-bamboo composite plywood

Plywood is a kind of plywood made of various sheet-like materials processed from bamboo and wood, and then pressed into blanks after sizing.

class Ⅰ plywood

Weather-resistant plywood for use in outdoor conditions, capable of passing the boil test.

class Ⅱ plywood

Water-resistant plywood that can pass the 63°C±3°C hot water immersion test for use in humid conditions.

class Ⅲ plywood

Moisture-resistant plywood that can pass the dry test and is intended for use in dry conditions.

interior type plywood

Plywood made of urea-formaldehyde resin glue or an adhesive with the same performance cannot withstand water immersion or high humidity for a long time, and is limited to indoor use.

exterior type plywood

Plywood made of phenolic resin glue or resin of equivalent performance as adhesive has the properties of weather resistance, water resistance and high humidity resistance, and is suitable for outdoor use.

structural plywood

Plywood can be used as a load-bearing structural member of a building.

plywood for concrete-form

Plywood that can be used as concrete forming moulds.

long-grain plywood

Plywood with the wood grain direction of the surface parallel or approximately parallel to the length of the board.

cross-grain plywood

Plywood with wood grain direction parallel or approximately parallel to the width of the board.


Plywood made from five or more layers of veneer blanks.

moulded plywood

It is a non-planar plywood made of glue-coated veneers to form slabs according to certain requirements and hot-pressed in a mold of a specific shape.

scarf joint plywood

The end of the plywood in the direction of the grain is processed into an inclined plane, and the long plywood is lapped and connected by gluing.

finger joint plywood

The end of the plywood in the direction of the grain is processed into a finger-shaped tenon, and the long plywood is connected by gluing and finger-joining.

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