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Veneer Peeling Machine for Wood Foil
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Veneer Peeling Machine for Wood Foil

  • MH-VPM4A
  • 846596
  • Qingdao, China
  • 1000sets/Year
  • L/C, T/T
Veneer Peeling Machine for Wood Foil

We can not promise you our machine price is the lowest in the world, but we can promise you the machine we offered are good quality and suitable for you.
If we just pursue the benefits, yes, we indeed can reduce the production cost through decrease machine quality.
But this is not we want, what we want and our value is: let our machine help more clients business better and better.

                                                                                                                     ---Lucinda/sales manager

automatic 2600mm veneer peeler line      
Veneer Production Line includes:
  1. Wood Debarker

  2. Veneer Peeling Machine

  3. Log Transporter

  4. Vacuum Veneer Stacker

  5. Knife Grinder

They are necessary machine for producing wood veneer

1. Wood Debarker

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The Function:
Removing wood bark, and make log round.
The Structure:
Wood debarker machine structure is simple, mainly consist by: machine frame, motors, cylinder, hydraulic station, knife
The Working Principle:
When start machine, put log into it, worker shake handle, machine will work.
The Advantages:

Max length: 4feet/8feet
Max diameter: 500mm/550mm/600mm/700mm
Max speed: 70m/min
Total power: 27.5kw
Weight: 4t
Size: 3800*2200*1500mm

Customize machine according to your needs.
2. Veneer Peeling Machine

LUC 1500mm veneer peeling machine
The Function:
Processing log into pieces of wood veneer.
The Structure:
Veneer peeling machine mainly consist by: machine frame, motors, rollers, knife, control box
The Working Principle:
When start machine, adjust wood veneer thickness and width you want by CNC screen, adjust machine diameter and open, put log, then veneer machine will automatically roatry.
The Advantages:

Max length: 4feet/8feet
Max diameter: 500mm/550mm/600mm/700mm
Max speed: 50-80m/min
Total power: 41.2kw
Weight: 6.8t
Size: 4500*2300*1500mm

Customize machine according to your needs.

3. Log Transporter
MINGHUNG Semi veneer production line
The Function:
Transport log, one connect with wood debarker, another connect veneer peeling machine.
The Advantages:
This is the upgrade one, powerful to convey log, the chain will be fine.
Power: 4.4kw
Weight: 2t/pcs
Size: 3000*1800*1500mm
4. Vacuum Veneer Stacker  
The Function:
Automatic sorting wood veneer, save 2 workers, connect with veneer peeling machine.
The Structure:
Machine frame, lift table, convey belt, fan, electric box
The Advantages:

Lifting mode: hydraulic lift
Veneer size: 1270*500-1270mm
Power: 18.55kw
Weight: 2.5t
Size: 6500*2000*2750mm
5. Magnetic Knife Grinder
LUC nife grinding machine
The Function:
Grinding knife, make it become sharp again.
The Advantages:
Knife is consumable, after using a while, knife edge will become blunt, if you have this grinding machine, will be conveniently and fast make knife become sharp again. Knife is also very important for peeling good quality wood veneer.
4feet magnetic
Knife length: 1500mm
Table size: 1500*160(200)mm
Power: 4kw
Weight: 800kg
Size: 2800*1000*1000mm

Customize machine according to your needs.

Machine in Clients Factory:
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We often talk with our clients about machine working conditions, see if machine is well. If they meet some problems, we will help them solve it in time.
The moment when you choose us, we have been your lifetime partners, anytime you need help, we will be there.

Clients comment:

Veneer Peeling Machine for Wood Foil

veneer production line deliver

When machine finish production, we will share test video and pictures to you.
When loading, we will send loading pictures to you.
After ship leave, we will offer you container no and ship information, and prepare all documents for your custom clearance.

China MingHung Machine Ce

Professional manufacturer produce the full sets of veneer machine and plywood machine in Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.
Including Wood debarker, veneer peeling machine, veneer stacker, veneer dryer machine, glue spreader, cold press machine, hot press machine, plywood saw machine, sanding machine.
The value of our factory is: create much more value for clients.
We have our own morality and principle, insist sincerely treat our clients, regard them as our friend, try help their business.

Plywood Machine:
Veneer Peeling Machine for Wood Foil

Production Time:
1 month after receive your deposit.
Payment Terms:
30% deposit, 70% before delivery.
100% Letter of Credit.
2 years for main parts.
1 set
When machine reach your factory, our engineer can go to install
After-sales service:
Any problem that your worker can not solve, tell us, we will reply you at the first time,
Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 



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