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The Virus Effect to Global Economy
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The Virus Effect to Global Economy

Views: 1     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-04-24      Origin: www.plywoodmachineline.com

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Hello, i am lucinda, the sales manager of China professional plywood machine and veneer machine manufacturer.

i think, all business man has deeply felt the huge effect under the virus. 

for us, now the hugh change is the freight cost of transport container rise so high, now one container cost are triple even more. because many containers can not come back, they put on the port, and clients not take away the goods. like in America, the containers are too many on the port.

that result in China ship lack of containers, but the exported goods still many, as we know, demand exceeds supply, the price will be high. this contiditions will over a period time, unless the virus over. but it is difficult in the short time.

another big change is the material of plywood machine rise too much. that's why all plywood machine and veneer machine price rise a lot.

this is the big environment, it is the global problem, we can not control.

but we will continue to make our wood machine well, continue to improve plywood machines character. like the tree peeling machine for producing core veneer, ours have been very strong and powerful, our veneer peeling machine is strong enough to peel kinds of hard wood like beech, birch and other woods, and it can help you produce very good core veneer/wood papel, this will be big helpful for your business.

and our other machine like hot press machine, it is very heavy, Siemens motor, Schneider electric components. 

our factory know that the good quality of machine is the basic and important things, which can help our clients business better, get their good feedback, and they are willing to introduce other friends to us, and at the same time, it helps our business develop longer and better.

whatever now has any obstacles, it will not stop the World trading and business, it only will help optimize the trading way, make it become better. 

and we will insist offer good machine to every our clients. 

welcome contact us for more information of plywood machine and veneer machine.


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