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Spindles Tree Peeling Machine Delivery from China Factory
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Spindles Tree Peeling Machine Delivery from China Factory

Views: 5     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-03-20      Origin: www.plywoodmachineline.com

China veneer machine

veneer peeler

we just finished delivery of 4feet and 8feet strong veneer peeling machine, including wood log debarker, tree peeling machine, log transporter, and vacuum veneer stacker.

now we mainly offer the very strong and powerful veneer peeling machine, because it can be big power to process very hard wood, and it is very stable when processing wood, and it is long lift span, at the same time, it can save our clients maintain time, time is money. and help them produce very good quality wood papel, this will help their business going better.

peeling machine

when veneer machine and plywood machine finish production, before delivery, our engineers will test machine many times, to confirm the machine in good conditions, and the end product wood veneer are in good quality. 

first they will install this veneer production line using one day, then test by putting wood, check veneer machine working condition are normal and good

our factory has produced veneer machine many years, and we continuous to improve our machine characters, to make machine better and better, so you will find that in every period, our peeling machine will be a little different. and we insist choose the good parts for each position of veneer machine. 

we not offer the bad machine for get the orders, orders not the most important things for us, our brand and reputation is the most important things for us. so we insist make our veneer machine and plywood machine well to protect our brand, and let more people know us, choose us. 

if your factory have any demands of veneer peeling machine and plywood machine, welcome contact me


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