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Spindleless Strong Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine with Servo Motor
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Spindleless Strong Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine with Servo Motor

Wood Debarker Machine
log debarking machine’s function is removing wood bark, and make wood round. Its standard size has 4feet(max log length 1300mm) and 8feet(max log length 2600mm), and max diameter can be 550mm, 700mm, or the debarker details customized according to your own needs. The stucture of wood debarker is not complex, mainly consist by machine frame, rollers, hydraulic station, motors. The operation of log debarker is very easy, there has one handle, just move and back it, wood debarker will forward and back, and removing wood bark under the power of hydraulic cylinder, it can offer enough wood without bark to veneer peeling machine.
Veneer  Peeling Lathe
Veneer peeler will process wood into pieces of wood veneer, you can adjust veneer thickness and width by cnc screen, very convenient, and it is english version. usually the thickness range can be 0.5-4.0mm, and if you wants the thickness thinner or thicker, we can customize, like 0.3mm, or 8mm.
The structure of veneer peeling machine consist by: machine frame, rollers, motors, knife. Veneer peeling machine has different types, some is light weight, some is heavy weight, some veneer machine is suitable for peeling softwood, some vneeer peeling machine is suitable for peeling kinds of hardwood. and veneer peeling machine has 4feet and 8feet for your choice, of course, if your size is special, please don’t worry, we will customize veneer peeling machine according to your requires.
As we know, Wood veneer quality is very important for making plywood, if wood veneer thickness very accurate, surface very smooth, then your plywood quality will also be good. So veneer peeling machine is really important for wood veneer quality.

Step 4:
Vacuum Veneer Stacker Machine
This veneer stacker machine’s function is automatially sorting wood veneer, save two workers and improve work efficiency. Veneer stacker will connect with veneer peeling machine, after veneer lathe machine producing wood veneer, the conveyor will transfer wood veneer to veneer stacker, very convenient and high efficiency.
Of course, some clients not use this stacker, and let workers do it, also no problem, but you need afford two workers cost, and the work efficiency not higher than using veneer stacker.
You can decide use this wood veneer stacker or not according to your local market labor cost.
Veneer stacker has 4feet and 8feet size or customize according to your needs.


  • Qingdao, China

  • 800sets/Year

  • L/C, T/T

Spindleless Strong Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine with Servo Motor

Dear all friends, for save your precious time, please tell me your conditions and requires, will offer you the suitable veneer peeling machine for you                                                                          MINGHUNG wood rotary cutting machine, the inclined plane base seat and the left and right guide rail seats are installed on the base to form the host worktable; the motor drives various transmission wheels and the eccentric shaft on the wheel to drive the moving tool rest and the rotary cutter to reciprocate through the connecting rod; installation The reducer, the reducer sprocket on the single-roller frame, the bridge sprocket and the roller sprocket drive a group of single-roller rotary cutting. The support pair of the support plate, an upper and lower backing wheel is installed on each of the two supporting plates, and the backing plate between the two wheels forms a single-roller automatically adjustable backing device; the double-roller frame can slide on the left and right guide rail seats, and the reducer drives The upper drum and the lower drum rotate synchronously, the motor and the reducer drive the screw to rotate through the motor, and the rotating screw drives the screw nut installed on the double-roller frame to drive the double-roller frame to slide radially on the left and right rails, thus forming a translation Double roller device. The knife edge of the utility model is sharper, the cutting is more brisk and smooth, and no burr is produced.
MINGHUNG CNC hydraulic double rotary cutting machine is designed as an independent innovation project, which mainly solves the problems of non-automatic adjustment of processing process parameters and difficult tool adjustment of existing mechanical hydraulic rotary cutting machines. This product is suitable for plywood, veneer and multi-layer board production lines, and is an indispensable production equipment for veneer rotary cutting production lines. With the characteristics of stability, advanced technology, many innovation points and high degree of automation, it is a scientific research achievement that combines mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and automatic control. The project was approved for research and development in 2019, and was successfully trial-manufactured and put into mass production in 2019. The technical expert team concluded that the equipment used for the CNC adjustment mechanism of the knife gate, the power-driven anti-bending pressure roller and the whole machine number system belong to the It is the first of its kind in China, and its research and development have reached the international advanced level. The product has great market potential and high promotion value. This project is the first time to apply numerical control theory and technology to the hydraulic chuck rotary cutting machine, to realize automatic speed measurement, automatic setting of parameters and feed according to the rotary cutting process, automatic tool loading, automatic control of adjusting tool clearance angle and knife gate value, preventing The bending device is powered, and realizes the simultaneous embracing of three points in the log space, the anti-bending effect is good, the processing quality is high, and the three-axis three-linkage of the machine tool is realized.

The basic structure consists of the fuselage, left and right chuck boxes, tool rests, anti-bending devices, hydraulic systems, numerical control systems, walking platforms and lubrication. It is the support body of each component. Left and right axle box The axle box contains the transmission mechanism, the speed measuring mechanism and the braking mechanism. It is mainly powered by the main motor, and the DC speed measuring motor is used to ensure the smooth and effective braking of the work. The left and right chuck boxes are made of high-grade cast iron gear transmission, which is the support carrier of various transmission components. The tool holder is mainly composed of a feeding system, a tool loading system and a pressure gauge holder. The feed of the tool rest is driven by the feed servo motor, and the speed of the card shaft is read through the encoder. The feed servo motor is controlled by the control system to control the feed speed to cut out veneers of different thicknesses, with high production efficiency and automation; The knife system adopts hydraulic knife loading, which is quick and convenient to load and unload the knife, which solves the problems of low efficiency and low precision of manual knife loading, and realizes automatic production. The anti-bending device is driven by the hydraulic motor to rotate the anti-bending roller, the hydraulic cylinder pulls the anti-bending roller device to move up and down, and drives the anti-bending roller to rotate accordingly, so that the two rows of driving rollers hold the wood core and give a certain power to ensure the wood core. The core rotary cutting is not easy to burst, which improves the quality of the veneer. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic stations, various valves and hydraulic pipelines to realize the action of each cylinder. The CNC system control system is composed of WICHI controller (PLC), all-digital DC modulator, ZHIMA series servo controller, etc. The main components include system calculation unit, man-machine information exchange unit, mechanical operation panel, servo drive unit speed feedback and position detection unit.

2. Research on the basic principle of rotary cutting and related technologies. 2.1 Research on the principle of rotary cutting. The wood rotary cutting trajectory is related to the height of the knife. When the height of the knife is equal to 0, the rotary cutting trajectory is the Archimedes spiral; when the height of the knife is 0 When the negative value is equal to the feed per unit corner, the rotary cutting path is a circular involute; when the tool height is greater than 0 and is not equal to the feed per unit corner, the rotary cutting path is a general involute. When the tool installation height is equal to 0 or equal to the negative unit angle feed, the thickness of the rotary cut veneer is relatively uniform, so during the application process, adjust the installation height to 0 or negative unit angle feed to obtain higher machining. veneer quality. 2.2 Research and development of control software and application software The PLC system of the control core of MINGHUNG CNC hydraulic double-axis rotary cutting machine, and the general-purpose programmable logic controller of WICHI introduced Siemens technology, which solved the accuracy, stability and reliability of motion control. The key issues such as storage information capacity; the all-digital DC regulator is an all-digital device that directly supplies power to three-phase AC power, and is used to power the armature and excitation of adjustable-speed DC motors, and can be expanded by paralleling SIMOREG rectifiers (can Select the self-optimizing process for parameter setting, monitoring and diagnosis, realizing input and output functions and safe parking); WICHI series servo controllers can enable the spindle to have all the functions of the servo axis and realize the synchronous drive of the spindles. 2.3 Mechanical structure design and processing technology research Research and development and design of knife door mechanism, etc. In order to ensure the stability of the machine tool and the precision of rotary cutting veneer, the key components are processed by CNC machining centers or special machine tools to ensure the processing accuracy. 2.4 Research and development of hydraulic technology The research on the stability of the hydraulic system mainly includes the research on pressure compensation and impact momentum. Through these researches, the stability of the hydraulic system during operation is effectively guaranteed, the loss of the system is reduced, and the problem of oil Fluid fever problem.

3. Main technical performance indicators and design parameters 3.1 Main technical performance indicators Control method: automatic/semi-automatic; plate thickness control accuracy: ±1%; plate thickness setting resolution: 0.01mm; min; zero return error: 0.01mm; man-machine interface specification: 10.4 inch LCD display; fault self-diagnosis: artificial intelligence; manual speed adjustment: 0-300m/min stepless speed regulation; log speed detection: automatic (or Manual setting); Squeeze rate: 5% to 10%; Drive mode: AC servo drive. Rotary log diameter: ~b200~500mm; rotary log length: 1300~2700mm; final core diameter: qb32-50mm; rotary cut veneer thickness: 0.35~3.0mm; ; Spindle speed: 0-400r/min; Main motor power: 7.5kw/11kw/15kW; Feed servo motor: 1lkW/15kw; Knife gate servo motor: 4kw; Back angle adjustment motor: 4kW; The rotary cutting speed is 120m/min, and the constant line speed rotary cutting speed is 50m/min.

4. Key technologies and innovations The research and development of MINGHUNG rotary cutting machine has made major breakthroughs in the following technical fields. 4.1 The numerical control technology adopts the most advanced SIMATICs7-300 programmable controller, which mainly completes the functions of data acquisition, rotary cutting calculation, real-time control and data storage. The controller has fast processing speed and powerful instructions (more than 350 instructions). The application of numerical control technology realizes the automatic adjustment of the tool angle, the knife gate, the hydraulic system and the anti-bending device, so that the intelligent level of the rotary cutting machine and the automatic feeding rotary cutting operation have reached the international advanced level. This innovation has applied for an invention patent and a utility model patent. 4.2 Automatic adjustment technology of knife gate The knife gate of ordinary hydraulic rotary cutting machine is adjusted manually under static conditions, which is troublesome to operate and has low work efficiency, which cannot meet the requirements of continuous large-scale production. The CNC hydraulic double-shaft rotary cutting machine is equipped with a device, which can adjust the knife door under the working state of the rotary cutting machine to realize cutting of different plate thicknesses. The technical level has reached the international advanced level. This innovation has applied for an invention patent and a utility model patent. 4-3 Anti-bending technology In the process of rotary cutting, as the radius of the wood segment gradually decreases, the stiffness and strength of the wood segment gradually decrease, and the cutting stability gradually decreases. CNC hydraulic anti-bending device is a set of technical equipment that can move in three-dimensional space, realize smoother rotary cutting of small-diameter wood, and higher quality of rotary cutting veneer. The device is mainly equipped with a lifting frame on the body, and the lifting frame is equipped with a lifting oil cylinder, an anti-bending rod rotating cylinder and an upper and lower anti-bending rod. The upper and lower anti-bending rods are respectively equipped with hydraulic motors, which can drive the anti-bending rods to rotate, and the anti-bending rollers then drive the wood core to rotate, reducing the movement resistance of the wood core, making it difficult for the knife to jump during the rotary cutting process, and the veneer is not easy to tear. The quality of the rotary-cut veneer and the utilization rate of wood have reached the international advanced level. This innovative technology has applied for an invention patent and a utility model patent.veneer lathe with hydraulic knife holderb83eba5185b2d864b74f4d1a333bd14

name veneer peeling machine
type high configuration
max log length 1500mm
max log diameter 600mm
max speed 80m/min
thickness range 0.5-4.0mm
total power 39.7kw
weight 6.7t
size 4500*2300*1500mm

Note: veneer peeling machine can be customized according to your conditions, like the log length, diameter, speed, thickness you want, we will always produce the machine confirm to your requires.

79cb80d8b4024734d47ab1a12355198veneer peeling machine servo motor MINGHUNGminghung veneer latheMINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERYQuality is the basic and the most important thing, through many years improvement and development, and with professional designers and experienced workers, good sales team and after-sales team, our factory can offer good machine and service to every our client, our purpose not only for selling machine, this is one small thing, the principle we insist is offer good and suitable plywood machine and veneer machine to every our clients, help their business going better.
we also not for one time cooperation, we hope that can build a good and long relationship with you, always be there support your business.

We know clearly that details determine failure or sucess, so every parts of veneer peeling machine, even the very small one, we also choose use good one. because we wants to make our veneer machine better and better, and offer the strong veneer peeling machine to satisfy our clients requires, and help them produce good quality wood veneer.


blade press veneer peeling machineveneer lathe with hydraulic knife holderMINGHUNG 8FEET VENEER STACKERQQ图片20220808132509_副本
When our veneer peeling machine reach your factory, our engineer will go to install machine and teach your worker how to operate and maintain.
Yet our machines have been exported more than 30 countries and regions like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, etc, and get good feedback.

Before order machine, we welcome you come to visit our factory and check machine.
When machine loading, we welcome you come to test machine.
The world is so big, when you choose us, we have been your partner and friend in China, we will spare no effort to help your business developing better.


1> Before delivery, we will test veneer peeling machine for make sure machinei work well, and share test videos to you.
2> When loading, we will share loading pictures with you.
3> After ship leave, we will offer container information and ship information with you.
4> Prepare all documents for you do custom clearance.

Spindleless Strong Plywood Veneer Peeling Machine with Servo Motor

Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. Our products have acquired EU CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CCEP, and Energy Conservation Certification.

Our company integrates design, research and development, production and sales, and works closely with China's advanced scientific research institutions. We have a strong research and development team, at present, our machinery has won a number of national patents.
Pay more attention to machine details, details determine sucess or failure, so we continuous improve and optimize machines' performance, strictly control each production step, using advanced lathe processing machine, and through many times inspections, make sure our machine accurate and durable.

Scientific and technological innovation oriented, quality-based, service supremacy, we offer full complete range of plywood production solution and technology support for our customers.
Our main products include wood log debarker, veneer peeling machine, vacuum veneer stacker, veneer dryer machine, plywood cold press machine, plywood hot press machine, glue spreader, glue mixing machine, automatic plywood veneer paving line, sanding machine.

With high efficiency sales team offer 24 hours online service, the professional technical team and after-sales service team offer plant layout, machine drawings, and after-sales service.
Choose us, you need not worry anything, we will help you arrange all.

we will offer you the better and suitable machine, two years warranty, professional technical team at your service anytime. and hope that build a good and long-time cooperation.


How long of your machine warranty?
     2 years for main parts.

The production time?
      1 month.

Payment terms:
      T/T. 30% deposit, 70% before delivery.

Will you help me solve when i meet problem about machine?
      We will at the fist time reply you and help you solve.

Will you engineer come to install machine?
      Yes, when machine soon reach your factory, our engineer will go to your factory.


WHATSAPP:    +8618769900191     +8615805493072      +8615805496117

EMAIL: minghungmachinery@gmail.com

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Shandong MINGHUNG Wood Machinery Co.,Ltd is one famous manufacturer of plywood machine in China, located in Linyi city. 




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