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Plywood Veneer Dryer
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Plywood Veneer Dryer

Our product Roller veneer dryer for drying original wood veneer, remove abundant humidity, in the end, the wood veneer humidity will be 5%-10%, so it is suitable for making plywood.
Veneer roller dryer are suitable for big drying capacity per day, it can be different length, width and floors. For example, some our clients choose width 4500mm, length 32meters, and four floors, and this big roller dryer can drying 100m3 per day.
Our roller dryer use very thick material for frame and doors, so its weight are heavy a lot; use unique air flue and big fans to increase the production capacity; and use Siemens motor to make sure good quality and powerful energy; even the very small parts like the bearings, we insist choosing the good quality; and each kinds of parts have their own models, so before loading, we will packed each of them and make Marks, so when roller dryer reaches your factory, it is easy for you to know what are they.
Roller dryer includes many different parts, so the production technology and worker rich experience are important, and our factory with this advantage.
Choosing our roller dryer, you can use many years with good performance.
Welcome contact us for more information, we will offer the suitable dryer for you according to your own conditions and requires.
  • MH-RD40L
  • 841939
  • Qingdao, China
  • 600sets/Year
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Veneer Dryer Roller Dryer For Drying Veneer Humidity

Introduction of Roller Dryer

Veneer roller dryer for drying wood veneer humidity, the original wood veneer moisture will be like 60%, some even 80%, after drying, in the end, the veneer moisture will become 5%-10%, so you can make plywood board, or wooden furniture and others, or you can sell the dryed wood veneer to these factory in a high price.

And one of very big advantage of Roller dryer is that it can satisfy the drying capacity which you want. Some clients require drying capacity 30-40m3/per day, some require 60-70m3/per day, some require 100m3/per day. According to the drying capacity, the roller dryer will be different floors and different length.

Recently we are producing one set big roller dryer for one Turkey client, who require drying capacity 100m3/24saat. So the veneer roller dryer will be 4 floors, and length longer.

roller dryer drawing

veneer roller dryer

MINGHUNG core veneer dryer

Veneer Roller Dryer Specification
Floors 2 Floors Roller dryer 3 Floors Roller dryer 4 Floors Roller dryer
Width 3m 3m 4m
Drying capacity 20-30m3/day 40-50m3/day 70-80m3/day
Sections 8+1
11+1 12+2
Heating motor 7.5kw/pc 11kw/pc 15kw/pc
End moisure 5%-10% 5%-10% 5%-10%
Weight 40ton 60ton 90ton
Roller dryer accessories and parts

For our veneer roller dryer, we choose very good type spare parts and accessories, like the motors, big fan, electric box, rollers, thick doors. 

The whole veneer roller dryer will be heavy and high quality

minghung machinecore veneer dryer Fan detailsradiator for veneer dryerdryer accessories for minghung dryer 

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One big set Roller dryer, it is important to choose good material and parts. 

We are confident for Our veneer dryer-roller dryer quality and working conditions.  and we are confident to say that you will difficult to find other supplier who can use such good material.

Roller Dryer at Clients factory

veneer dryer machinekaplama tel kurutma makinesiMINGHUNG veneer drying machine

MINGHUNG core veneer dryer

Our clients are satisfied with dryer working condition and drying capacity. and one of Turkey customer ordered second roller dryer, we have delivered, and he introduce other clients to us. because he is very satisfied about our machine.

Roller dryer delivery

dryer fanfan for veneer dryer machine minghungminghung deliveryloading veneer dryer

minghung veneer dryer machine delivery

Before loading, we will first install 3 or 4 sections and test its working conditions and parts are suitable. 

During loading, we will packing and Mark, so you will easy to classify different parts.

After loading, we will offer all drawings include foundation drawing and assembly drawing to you. So you can easy to install dryer.

Our factory mainly produce plywood production machine, from the material log, to the end product plywood, we offer these machines. They are: veneer production line, veneer dryer, veneer glue machine, plywood cold press, plywood hot press, plywood sizing machine, sanding machine.

Our factory insist offer good quality machine to each our client, with our machines, you can produce good quality plywood board, and machine will be long life span.

Welcome contact us for more information

We will share machine working video with you, and offer the specification and price for you



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