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New Plywood Machine Factory IS Building
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New Plywood Machine Factory IS Building

Views: 2     Author: SHANDONG MINGHUNG WOOD MACHINERY CO.,LTD     Publish Time: 2021-03-27      Origin: www.plywoodmachineline.com

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Hello everyone, this is a good news for us, because we are building one new factory for producing plywood machine, soon will finish. at the same time, this is a good news for related customers too, thats means that we will make our machine better and better, we will have enough space and experienced technology to produce plywood machine and veneer machine.

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hot press

and we will use the related professional and advanced big lathe to processing the machines, thus the welding parts will be more strong, our plywood machine will be more strong. and all main spare parts of our each plywood machine, we choose the better one. so our production cost will be higher than others. but i believe that most clients know clearly that how much money, will buy how the quality of machine.

if some clients wants to find the cheaper suppllier and cheaper machine, there must have many, but if you wants to find the good and suitable plywood machine, and one sincere good parter in China, we will have ability and sincerity work with you.

we think that only we make our machine quality very good, even its production cost a little higher than others, actually it help you save some, thats the truth, because it will help you produce very good quality plywood veneer, it will save your maintain time, it can use long time. 

we have confidence that our new factory will develop bigger and better, and it will be famous in domestic market, and more and more foreign customers will know our brand, we know that. 

thats not because we self-proud, it is because we know that anytime we will insist to make our machine better and better, continuous to improve, and keep sincerity to every client. it sounds very easy way, but for many supplier it is difficult to do that. 

our factory produce the veneer machine, and the plywood machine like hot press, cold press, glue machine, plywood saw machine.

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